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Russia: Employment Quotas Proposed for the Young

(June 11, 2009) The Legislative Assembly of Chelyabinsk (an industrial region in the Ural Mountains that is one of the Russian constituent components) is discussing the First Employment Act, a state law that would provide for additional employment guarantees for the youths of the region. The draft introduces a special quota for hiring young people. This requirement will be obligatory for all enterprises registered in the region, regardless of their form of ownership or incorporation. The managers will be required to hire first-time employees on their own and/or according to the requests from local employment-monitoring authorities. The number of positions reserved for the young will depend on the total number of an enterprise's employees; it will be one percent if a company employs less than 100 people; two percent for companies with between 100 and 200 workers; and three percent if the number of employees is more than 200.

The proposed law requires that the employers inform local authorities monthly of the number of their employees, and report on the hiring of young people every three months. Each firing of a person hired under the quota will be subject to review by the authorities. The document states that incentives will be established for employers who provide employment for youths; however, no implementing document in this regard has been drafted to date.

Local legislators view the draft act as a protective measure for young people who have experienced employment disadvantages during the ongoing economic crisis, and intend on proposing a similar measure as a legislative initiative in the State Duma (federal legislature). However, among federal legislators, the idea of government co-financing of young people's salaries appears to be more popular than that of a youth employment quota. (Chelyabinsk Introduces Employment Quotas for Youths, NEWSRU.COM, June 5, 2009, available at