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Sweden: Migration Board Proposes Plan to Attract Foreign Students

(Dec. 3, 2012) The Swedish Migration Board has issued a report recommending a new visa plan designed to attract foreign students to universities in the country. It would give students from outside the European Union the possibility of finding work and acquiring a residency permit in <?Sweden once they graduate. Since the imposition of tuition fees for Swedish universities in 2011, the number of students enrolling from non-EU countries has been cut in half. Some other European nations do have plans in effect that allow graduating students to remain in the country to seek employment. (Swedish Officials: New Visa Scheme Could Attract Foreign Students, ICE NEWS (Nov. 28, 2012); Migrationsverket (last visited Nov. 29, 2012.)

No detailed model of the “right to stay” plan has been developed, but the idea is being seriously considered, according to Bernd Parusel, anexpert for the European Migration Network who works at the Swedish Migration Board. (Id.; Expert Dr. Bernd Parusel, NETZWERK MIGRATION IN EUROPA(last visited Nov. 28, 2012).) Parusel noted the variety of visa programs across the EU. Speaking about the uncertainty of the future of the plan, Parusel said that “[if] this reform is possible, politically speaking, I don’t know.” (Swedish Officials: New Visa Scheme Could Attract Foreign Students, supra.)