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Taiwan: Election Law Amended to Provide Disabled Better Polling Station Access

(Dec. 8, 2008) On November 26, 2008, an amendment to the Public Officials Election and Recall Law was promulgated in Taiwan's official gazette. The amendment affects article 57, on polling stations and ballot-counting stations. A new paragraph 2 stipulates that polling stations should be venues fitted with barrier-free facilities, and that if there is no suitable barrier-free venue, relevant auxiliary equipment or tools are to be used to help the disabled cast their ballots. In addition, the election commission, depending on the degree to which a venue is barrier free, will correspondingly increase polling station personnel, who will take the initiative to assist the disabled. (Amendment to Public Officials Election and Recall Law, 6832 The GAZETTE OF THE OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT 10-11 (Nov. 26, 2008), available at; Public Officials Election and Recall Law [in Chinese], Legislative Yuan Laws System database, (last visited Dec. 4, 2008); Civil Servants Election and Recall Act [click on “Attachment Files” hyperlink in Chinese] [text in English, as last amended on Nov. 7, 2007], Laws and Regulations Database of the Republic of China, (last visited Dec. 4, 2008).)