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Taiwan: Labor Insurance Statute Amended

(Sept. 5, 2008) The Statute on Labor Insurance was significantly amended on August 13, 2008. Among other changes are the following.

  • The new Statute divides labor insurance into the two categories and payment types of ordinary accident insurance and occupational disaster insurance. The former includes the five payment categories of life, casualty, incapacity, old age, and death; the latter includes four payment types: casualty, medical, incapacity, and death. Formerly, the term “labor insurance” was simply defined under the Statute as being divided into the six types of life, bodily harm, illness, disability, old age, and death (art. 2).
  • The methods for calculating premiums have been revised.
  • The former provisions on disability and old age payments have been repealed (arts. 21, 21-1, 38, 47), and provisions on incapacity and old page payments have been revised and expanded (arts. 53-59).
  • Provisions on the death payment have been revised and expanded (arts. 63-65).
  • Chapter 4, section 5, has been re-titled “Incapacity Payment,” and a new section 8, entitled “Application for and Issuance of Pension Payment” has been added along with new provisions on this subject (arts. 65-1 – 65-5).
  • Provisions on requests for issuance of insurance payments have been revised (arts. 74-1 and 74-2).

(Amendment to Statute for Labor Insurance, 6817 THE GAZETTE OF THE OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT 6-21 (Aug. 13, 2008), available at