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Togo: Anti-Crime Body Ratified

(Apr. 29, 2009) On April 21, 2009, the National Assembly of Togo passed a bill ratifying the establishment of an Africa-wide anti-crime body; that action was followed by the publication two days later of a report on crime prevention on the website of the Togolese government. The bill approved participation in the Organization of the African Gendarmeries (OGA), which has the mission of preventing law breaking in the context of the internationalization of crimes such as terrorism and illicit trafficking. Member states will be able to exchange information necessary for transnational security, harmonize training programs for police officers, and in general reinforce efforts at cross-border cooperation. (Prévention et répression de la criminalité,repuBlicoftogo.cOM website, Apr. 23, 2009, available at

The OGA was established in Dakar, Senegal, in 2003, by 24 member states from the African Union, but has been endorsed by only 11 countries. (Id.) The organization has its permanent seat in Dakar and a rotating presidency. It is designed to have a permanent, accessible, centralized database for use by national police officials. (Une Gendarmerie pour L'Afrique, AFRIK.COM, Apr. 20, 2003, available at