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Turkey: New Regulation Banning Asbestos Takes Effect

(Jan. 6, 2011) The Environment Management Directorate General of Turkey announced on December 30, 2010, that effective December 31 a regulation banning the production, use, and supply of asbestos would take effect in the country. A partial ban has reportedly been in place for some time, but the complete ban will bring Turkey into conformity with relevant European Union regulations. (Asbestos Ban to Take Effect on Friday, THE ANATOLIA NEWS AGENCY (Dec. 30, 2010), available at

Some of the directives on asbestos in the EU are: Directive 1999/77/EC banning all types of utilization of asbestos from January 2005 and Directive 2003/18/EC prohibiting “the extraction of asbestos and the manufacture and processing of asbestos products.” (Legislation, European Agency for Safety and Health at Work website, (last visited Dec. 30, 2010).)

According to one survey, some 54 countries, including Turkey, have national bans on asbestos. (Current Asbestos Bans and Restrictions, International Ban Asbestos Secretariat website, (last visited Jan. 6, 2011).) Initiatives to ban asbestos are underway in a number of other jurisdictions that have not yet done so, such as Thailand, Japan, Estonia, and the Balkans. (Laurie Kazan-Allen, Ban Asbestos Initiatives – Thailand, Japan, Estonia, the Balkans, International Ban Asbestos Secretariat website (Dec. 13, 2010),