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Vietnam: Government Issues Human Rights Report

(June 30, 2009) On May 8, 2009, Vietnam's Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Pham Binh Minh, presented a report on the country's human rights status to the United Nations Human Rights Council. The Council, which met in Geneva, Switzerland, from May 4 to 15, conducts periodic reviews of human rights in each U.N. member nation. At the time he presented the report, Minh said that the Vietnamese government always protects and promotes human rights, and it views people as the ultimate objective and the driving force for national development policy. (Vietnam Makes Human Rights Report, VIETNAM LAW AND LEGAL FORUM, June 25, 2009, available at

The report also stated that Vietnam took the obligation to prepare documentation for the Council seriously and intended to fully ensure human rights and extend international cooperation in the field. The report discussed Vietnam's achievements in establishing a full legal system to guarantee human rights. (Id.) Compiled over a period of two years, this was the first such report presented by Vietnam to the Council. Minh pointed out that since 1986, about 13,000 laws and related legal documents have been issued to protect civil and political rights in Vietnam and that the country has become a party to almost all existing international conventions on human rights as well as the 17 conventions of the International Labor Organization. (Vietnam Reports to UN on Human Rights, SÀIGÒN GIÁI PHÒNG [organ of the Party Committee of the Communist Party of Vietnam], June 25, 2009, available at