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England and Wales: First Woman Convicted Under Revenge Porn Law Receives Suspended Sentence

(Sept. 14, 2015) The first female prosecuted under England’s recently enacted “revenge porn law,” a law introduced to punish the sharing of sexually explicit images of people without their consent when intending to cause distress, received a sentence of six weeks of imprisonment, suspended for 18 months. Provided the defendant does not commit any additional […]

England and Wales: School Girl Pleads Guilty to Terror Charges

(Aug. 27, 2015) A 16-year-old school girl pled guilty to two counts of terrorism offenses in a youth court in England, after a counter-terrorism unit conducted an investigation that resulted in the discovery on the girl’s cellphone of instructions on how to build a bomb, Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) propaganda, and images […]

England and Wales: Court of Protection Grants Vasectomy for Man with Learning Disabilities

(Aug. 21, 2013) In an historic judgment, the Court of Protection for England and Wales has ruled that it is in the “best interests” of a 37-year old man with an IQ of 40 – classified as having a moderate learning difficulty – to be sterilized. In this case, the man, who has the mental […]

England and Wales: Owners of Dogs That Kill Could Face Life Imprisonment

(Aug. 8, 2013) In the face of an increase in the number of dog bites that cause serious injuries or fatalities in England and Wales, the British government is currently proposing the introduction of new legal provisions to stiffen the penalties against owners whose dogs cause such injuries and to extend the scope of the […]

England and Wales: Social Media and Naming Rape Victims

(May 16, 2012) It was reported on April 24, 2012, that 12 people across England and Wales have been arrested for allegedly both naming and harassing by means of social media a victim of rape, following the conviction of Sheffield United Football Club's Ched Evans. (Ched Evans: Rape Case Twitter Arrests Warning by Police, BBC […]

England and Wales: Prisoners’

(Jan. 11, 2012) The High Court of England and Wales recently dismissed a case in which prisoners claimed that the practice of requiring them to urinate or defecate in plastic buckets violated their human rights. The Court held that it did not violate the prisoners' human rights as provided in the Human Rights Act 1998, […]

England and Wales: Child Sex Offender Detained Indefinitely to Protect the Public

(Jun 16, 2011) A British teacher, Nigel Leat, was recently convicted of numerous child sex offenses, including 36 sexual assaults and attempted rape. Leat was also found in possession of 30,500 indecent photographs and 720 indecent movies. These offenses were committed at the school in which he worked, against children in his care. The judge […]

England and Wales: 400-Year-Old Expert Witness Immunity Abolished

(Mar. 31, 2011) The Supreme Court, sitting as a panel of seven judges, has abolished a 400-year-old law that grants expert witnesses testifying in court immunity from charges of breach of duty in contract or negligence. This law was based upon public policy over concern that expert witnesses should be able to provide “testimony freely […]

England and Wales: Child Sex Offender Registry Information Made Available to Parents

(Oct. 6, 2010) An existing program, known as the Child Sex Offender Disclosure Scheme, that allows parents to check whether people in contact with their children have a record of child sexual offenses or other offenses that may put a child at risk, has been recently extended to 24 police forces across England and Wales. […]

England and Wales: Role of Magistrates’ Court in Decline?

(Sept. 22, 2010) The magistrates' courts in England and Wales have witnessed a decline in the number of cases over the past ten years, with over 310,000 offenders fewer heard in 2009 than in 1999. The role of the magistrate, which is coming up on its 650-year anniversary next year, is to deliver justice locally, […]