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Hungary/Sweden: Sweden Stops Deportation and Relocation of Asylum Seekers to Hungary

(Mar. 4, 2016) On March 2, 2016, the Swedish Migration Court of the Stockholm Administrative Court revoked the decision by the Swedish Migration Authority to send asylum seekers who had sought asylum both in Sweden and in Hungary back to Hungary in conformity with the Dublin Regulation. (Press Release, Migration Court of Stockholm Administrative Court, […]

EHCR/Hungary: Mass Surveillance Activities by Police Force Violate the Right to Privacy, Home and Correspondence

(Feb. 9, 2016) On January 2016, the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) delivered a judgment in the case of Szabo and Vissy v. Hungary. The ECHR held that broad secret surveillance activities that had been conducted by the Hungarian Anti-Terrorism Task Force, which was established within the police force on the basis of the […]

Hungary: New Law Permits Army’s Use of Non-Lethal Weapons Against Illegal Migrants

(Nov. 6, 2015) On September 21, 2015, the National Assembly of Hungary approved legislation that allows the country’s military to use non-lethal weapons against refugees when they enter Hungary illegally (Jacqueline Jones, Hungary Lawmakers Approve Use of Non-Lethal Weapons on Refugees, PAPER CHASE (Sept. 23, 2015).) Soldiers may use rubber bullets, tear gas, pyrotechnical devices, […]

Hungary: Constitutional Amendments Planned

(Sept. 10, 2013) On August 28, 2013, Hungary’s State Secretary of Justice, Robert Repassy, announced that the government would adjust the recent, highly controversial amendments to the country’s Constitution (Fundamental Law) adopted by the Parliament in March 2013. The modifications that will become the fifth amendment of the Fundamental Law were initiated, Repassy indicated, chiefly […]

Hungary: Constitutional Amendments Adopted

(Mar. 19, 2013) On March 11, 2013, Hungary’s Parliament approved a number of controversial amendments to the country’s constitution, the Fundamental Law of Hungary (Magyarország Alaptörvénye). The changes were adopted in a vote along party lines, with the ruling conservative coalition, which controls the legislature, holding sway. (Margit Feher & Gordon Fairclough, Hungary Lawmakers Rebuff […]

Hungary: Telecom Tax Bill

(June 7, 2012) A proposed Telecommunication Tax Bill was published in Hungary's official gazette on May 30, 2012. (Tamas Kulcsar, Hungary: Telecommunication Tax Bill Published, TAX NEWS SERVICE (May 31, 2012), International Bureau of Fiscal Documentation online subscription database.) It had been submitted to the legislature on May 11. (Tamas Kulcsar, Hungary: Telecommunication Tax Bill […]

Hungary: Groundwork for Campaign Finance Law

(Apr. 11, 2012) On April 4, 2012, the six parties represented in Hungary's National Assembly (Országgyulés) agreed on the main principles of political party and campaign financing in the country and signed an agreement to that effect. Under the agreement, the signatories have pledged to adopt legislation in the fall session “to ensure transparency and […]

Hungary: Disputed Data Protection Law Amended

(Apr. 6, 2012) On April 2, 2012, the Members of the Hungarian Parliament, by a large majority, amended the country's Information Freedom Act “to strengthen the independence of the president of the new data protection authority in line with recommendations of the European Commission.” (Parlt Strengthens Independence of Data Protection Authority Chief, MTI DAILY BULLETIN […]

European Union; Hungary: Criticism of Laws on the Judiciary, Data Protection, and the National Bank

(Jan. 23, 2012) On January 17, 2012, President Jose Manuel Barroso of the European Commission (EC) announced the initiation of legal action against Hungary by means of three Letters of Formal Notice, regarding three issues in new Hungarian legislation effective at the beginning of this year under the country's 2011 Constitution (Fundamental Law of Hungary […]

Hungary: New Constitution Signed into Law

(Apr. 29, 2011) On April 25, 2011, the President of Hungary, Pál Schmitt, signed into law the country's new Constitution, the Fundamental Law of Hungary. Hungary is the last jurisdiction in Eastern Europe to effect the change to a post-communist constitution. Passage of the law was secured by the two-thirds majority held in the National […]