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Kyrgyzstan: Reproductive Rights Now Specified by Law

(Nov. 17, 2015) On July 4, 2015, the President of Kyrgyzstan, Almazbek Atambayev, signed the Law on Reproductive Rights of Kyrgyz Republic Citizens. (Law of the Republic of Kyrgyzstan No. 148 on Reproductive Rights of Kyrgyz Republic Citizens (Law No. 148) (July 4, 2015), Ministry of Justice of Kyrgyz Republic website (in Russian).) This Law […]

Kyrgyz Republic (Kyrgyzstan): Mandatory Video Surveillance Introduced in Public Places

(Aug. 3, 2015) On May 18, 2015, the President of Kyrgyzstan signed into law the Outdoor Video Surveillance Act (Law No. 103 (May 18, 2015), Ministry of Justice website (in Russian)). The Act obligates the municipal authorities of the two largest Kyrgyz cities, Bishkek and Osh, and businesses registered in these jurisdictions to install video […]

Kyrgyz Republic (Kyrgyzstan): Proposed Amendment to Media Law

(Feb. 4, 2015) According to a January 30, 2015, report, Kyrgyzstan is considering amendments to its media legislation that would strengthen the ability of the government to take steps against media outlets. The news came in a statement by Emir Zulpuev, a spokesperson for the Ministry of Justice. The amendments would allow the government to […]

Kyrgyz Republic (Kyrgyzstan): Human Rights Office Critical of Draft LGBT Law

(Oct. 28, 2014) On October 24, 2014, the United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) called for the abandonment of a draft law being considered by the Kyrgyz Parliament because, the U.N. body asserts, it would discriminate against members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered communities. Ravina Shamdasani, a spokesperson […]

Kyrgyz Republic (Kyrgyzstan): Increased Punishment for Involvement in Prostitution Proposed

(Apr. 15, 2014) On March 27, 2014, the legislature of Kyrgyzstan initiated amendments to the country’s Criminal Code that provide for increased punishments for crimes associated with involving other persons in prostitution. (Punishment for Involvement in Prostitution Will Be Increased in Kyrgyzstan [in Russian], LENTA.RU (Mar. 27, 2014).) If the amendments are passed, the crime […]

Kyrgyz Republic (Kyrgyzstan): Implementation of Jury Trials Postponed

(July 16, 2012) Kyrgyzstan will soon become another former Soviet republic in which courts with jurors will be introduced, based on an amendment to the Law on Jurors in Kyrgyz Courts adopted by the national legislature, the Zhogorku Kenesh, on May 30, 2012. (Bill on Amendments to the Law on Jurors in Kyrgyz Courts Is […]

Kyrgyz Republic (Kyrgyzstan): Assistance to Victims of Human Trafficking

(Feb. 6, 2012) On November 21, 2011, the Kyrgyz President signed into law the amended version of the country's Law on Preventing and Countering Human Trafficking. (Law on Amendments to the Law on Preventing and Countering Human Trafficking Signed [in Russian], President of the Kyrgyz Republic website (Nov. 21, 2011).) The new Law is based […]

Kyrgyz Republic (Kyrgyzstan): U.N. Commissioner Urges Respect for Defendants’ Rights

(Dec. 28, 2011) On December 22, 2011, Navi Pillay, the U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights (HCHR), expressed the concern that judges in Kyrgyzstan failed to ensure respect for the rights of defendants. She made the remarks following the December 21, 2011, affirmation by the Kyrgyz Supreme Court of the sentence of human rights defender […]

Kyrgyz Republic (Kyrgyzstan): Animal Sacrifice for Improvement of Legislative Work

(May 3, 2011) On April 21, 2011, before the beginning of the plenary session, all 120 members of the Kyrgyz Parliament (Zhogorku Kinesh) conducted a sacrificial killing of seven lambs. This religious act conducted in the hall of the legislature was aimed at removing evil spirits from the parliament building, according to the Parliament's Speaker. […]

Kyrgyz Republic (Kyrgyzstan): Law on Public Demonstrations Approved

(July 2, 2008) On June 12, 2008, the Kyrgyz Law on Peaceful Public Gatherings was amended with a provision that defines the procedure for applying to local authorities for permits to hold a public rally. According to the amendment, rally organizers should submit their notification to the local authorities 12 days in advance. The local […]