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Lebanon: First Step to Repeal Provision Favorable to Rapists and Perpetrators of Lewd Acts

(Dec. 21, 2016) A person who commits certain crimes defined by law, rape; lewd acts by threat, violence, or against minors; and other similar crimes may avoid punishment under a controversial provision of the Penal Code of Lebanon. (Lebanese Penal Code, Legislative Decree No. 340 of 1943, arts. 503-510, 514-521, & 522, United Nations Office […]

Denmark; Lebanon: Danish National Sentenced in Lebanon for Joining ISIS

(Sept. 9, 2015) A court in Lebanon has sentenced a Danish national to three years of imprisonment for fighting on the side of the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS). According to the defendant’s attorney, Fawaz Zakaria, the man was convicted on charges of joining ISIS in Syria and taking part in an attack […]

Lebanon: Special Tribunal Indicts Journalists and Media Organizations for Contempt

(May 6, 2014) On April 24, 2014, the Special Tribunal for Lebanon, a hybrid international/domestic court, charged two journalists and their respective media organizations, a TV station and a print newspaper, with two counts of contempt and obstruction of justice. The charges allege that the accused knowingly and willfully interfered with the administration of justice […]

Lebanon: Formation of New Government Creates Constitutional Conundrum

(Mar. 6, 2014) On February 15, 2014, a new government was formed in Lebanon after more than ten months of political struggle and maneuvering between the Coalition of March 8, in which Hizbullah (also transliterated as Hezbollah) is the most powerful member, and the Coalition of March 14, in which the Future Movement of the […]

Lebanon: Trial on Assassination of Hariri Begins

(Jan. 23, 2014) On January 13, 2014, two-and-a-half years after the issuance of an indictment in the murder of the former Prime Minister of Lebanon, Rafic Hariri, and others, the Special Tribunal for Lebanon, a hybrid international tribunal, started the trial of four Lebanese suspects in the case who are members of Hezbollah. (International Tribunal […]

Lebanon: General Prosecutor Seeks Lifting of Immunity of a Member of Parliament

(Feb. 11, 2013) On February 2, 2013, Boutros Harb, a Member of Parliament in <?Lebanon, commented publicly on an indictment issued in a case involving what has been considered an assassination attempt on his life in July 2012. Harb thanked the President of the Republic of Lebanon for exerting pressure on the judiciary to speed […]

Lebanon: Court Blocks Internet Access to Anti-Islam Film

(Oct. 1, 2012) In an effort to prohibit online access to the anti-Islamic film “The Innocence of Muslims,” which was produced in the <?United States, a Lebanese court issued a decision ordering the Lebanese Ministry of Communications to block the viewing of that film on the YouTube website. It was the first such decision in […]

Lebanon: Chief Judge Makes Controversial Statement on Legality of Special Tribunal for Lebanon

(Nov. 8, 2010) The Special Tribunal for Lebanon (STL) is a mixed international/domestic tribunal whose jurisdiction is limited to investigating and prosecuting one specific domestic crime – the bombing of former Prime Minister Rafiq Hariri – and related offenses. The STL was created by an agreement between the United Nations and the Lebanese government and […]

Lebanon: Hariri Withdraws Accusations Against Syria

(Sept. 21, 2010) In a press interview conducted on September 6, 2010, Saad al-Hariri, the Prime Minister of Lebanon, acknowledged that his accusation that Syria was behind the assassination of his father, former Prime Minister Rafic al-Hariri, was wrong and politically motivated. He further stated that those investigating the incident were misled by the false […]

Lebanon: Citizenship Denied to Children of Lebanese Mothers

(May 24, 2010) On June 16, 2009, a Lebanese court of first instance issued a landmark decision granting Lebanese citizenship to the children of a Lebanese mother married to a non-Lebanese father. Samira Soueidan filed the lawsuit on behalf of her four children, two boys and two girls, after the death of her Egyptian husband […]