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Chile; Colombia; Mexico; Peru: Trade Protocol Signed

(Feb. 18, 2014) The President of Mexico, Enrique Peña Nieto, with his counterparts the Presidents of Colombia, Chile, and Peru, signed an Additional Protocol to the Framework Agreement for the Pacific Alliance. The signing took place on February 10, 2014, at the closing ceremony of the 8th Pacific Alliance Summit, held in Cartagena de Indias, […]

Peru: New Law Granting Right of Consultation to Indigenous Peoples

(Sept. 27, 2011) On September 8, 2011, the Peruvian Congress passed by a unanimous vote the new Law on the Right of Consultation of Indigenous Peoples. (Ley 29785 del Derecho a la Consulta Previa a los Pueblos Indígenas u Originiarios Reconocido en el Convenio 169 de la Organización Internacional delTrabajo (OIT) of Aug. 8, 2011 […]

Peru: Anti-Smoking Law

(Apr. 21, 2010) On April 1, 2010, the Peruvian Congress passed Law No. 29517, which declares all closed facilities, health care centers, educational centers, public and private means of transportation, and the interiors of workplaces to be smoke-free environments. (Ley No 29517 [in Spanish], Congress of the Republic of Peru website, (last visited Apr. […]

Peru: Congress Debates Legislation Decriminalizing Abortion

(Nov. 6, 2009) On October 7, 2009, Peru's Special Revision Commission on the reform of the Criminal Code approved an amendment that would decriminalize abortions performed in cases of rape or congenital malformations of the fetus. The amendment also permits abortions for pregnancies resulting from unwanted artificial inseminations. Currently, these abortions are penalized with imprisonment […]

Peru: Constitution Amended to Improve Annual Presentation of the General Account

(Sept. 28, 2009) On September 7, 2009, President Alan García Pérez of Peru promulgated Law No. 29401, amending articles 80 and 81 of the Constitution to improve the system of presentation and evaluation of the General Account of the Republic. The amended article 80 states that the Minister of Economy and Public Finance is to […]

Peru: Legislative Power Amended in the Constitution

(Sept. 25, 2009) On September 7, 2009, President Alan García Pérez of Peru promulgated Law No. 29402, amending article 90 of the Political Constitution of Peru, on legislative power. Article 90 as amended states that the legislative power resides in the Chamber of Congress of the Republic, comprising 130 members. Members of Congress are chosen […]

Peru: General Law on Tourism Promulgated

(Sept. 25, 2009) On September 17, 2009, President Alan García Pérez of Peru promulgated Law No. 29408, declaring tourism to be of national interest and a priority policy of the state for the development of the country. The objective of the Law is to promote, encourage, and regulate the sustainable development of tourism activities. The […]

Peru: Persons with Disabilities

(Sept. 9, 2009) On August 1, 2009, President Alan Garcia Perez of Peru promulgated Law No. 29392 establishing administrative violations and related sanctions for noncompliance with Law No. 27050, the general law on persons with disabilities, and its regulation. The new law is applicable to individuals and to public and private corporations covered under Law […]

Peru: New Provisions on Police Detention and on Crimes Discovered in Flagrante

(Sept. 9, 2009) On June 8, 2009, President Alan Garcia Perez of Peru promulgated Law No. 29372, amending the Code of Criminal Procedure. The changes include provisions of article 259, on police detention and on citizens' arrest for crimes discovered in flagrante, and the date of enforcement of articles 259 and 260. According to the […]

Peru: Mandatory Insurance for Traffic Accidents

(July 1, 2009) On May 13, 2009, Javier Velasquez Quesquen, the President of the Congress of Peru, enacted a law amending Law No. 28515 on the promotion of transparency of information concerning the mandatory insurance to cover traffic accidents (known as SOAT). The amendment establishes the obligation of insurance companies to provide written notification to […]