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Uruguay: Congress Adopts New Law on Transgender Rights

(Oct. 31, 2018) On October 19, 2018, the Uruguayan Congress adopted the new Comprehensive Law for Transgender Persons, aimed at reversing discrimination and advancing the rights of this population, including the right to work, to housing, and to surgical interventions. (Uruguay Aprueba la Ley Integral para Personas Trans [Uruguay Approves Comprehensive Law for Transgender Persons], […]

Uruguay: Legislation Against Bullying in Schools

(Sept. 13, 2016) On July 26, 2016, legislation opposing bullying in educational institutions was been submitted for discussion in Uruguay’s Parliament. The draft law aims to define, prevent, and intervene in different types of harassment or bullying in schools and includes applicable sanctions.  (Proponen Sancionar el Bullying en Centros de Ensenanza [Proposal to Punish Bullying […]

Uruguay: Arbitration Panel Affirms Enforcement of Anti-Tobacco Legislation

(Aug. 26, 2016) On July 8, 2016, an International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID) arbitration panel, meeting in Washington, D.C., decided an arbitration case filed by Philip Morris International (PMI) against the government of Uruguay in which PMI sought compensation for economic damages as a result of Uruguay’s enforcement of its anti-tobacco laws. (El Estado […]

Uruguay: New Law Bans Ownership of Agricultural Land by Companies Owned by Foreign Governments

(Dec. 12, 2014) The Government of Uruguay promulgated Law No. 19,283 on October 7, 2014 to ban the ownership of rural land or farms by businesses that are owned in whole or in part by foreign governments. (Tierras con Fines de Explotación Agropecuaria – Prohíbe la Compra y Tenencia a Empresas Extranjeras o a las […]

Uruguay: Congress Considering a Bill to Decriminalize Abortion

(Oct. 25, 2012) On September 25, 2012, <?Uruguay's Cámara de Diputados (Lower House of Congress) began consideration of a bill that would decriminalize abortion if the procedure is performed within the first 12 weeks after conception, under certain circumstances. The bill became law on October 17, 2012. (Uruguay Despenaliza el Aborto: El Senado Sanciono el […]

Uruguay: Government Submits Bill to Decriminalize Marijuana

(Aug. 27, 2012) On August 8, 2012, the President of Uruguay submitted legislation to Congress with a single provision, establishing state control and regulation of the importation, production, acquisition, commercialization, and distribution of marijuana in the country. (Mujica Envió al Parlamento el Proyecto de Despenalización y Monopolio Estatalde la Marihuana en Uruguay, LA RED 21 […]

Uruguay: National Institution of Human Rights

(Apr. 2, 2009) Uruguay's President Tabaré Vazquez signed a law on December 24, 2008, that creates the Institución Nacional de Derechos Humanos (National Institution of Human Rights); it is designed to defend, promote, and protect the human rights recognized by the Constitution and international law (Law No. 18446). The Institution will be autonomous and will […]

Uruguay: National Archive of Remembrance

(Mar. 3, 2009) Law No. 18435, signed by President Tabaré Vazquez of Uruguay on December 12, 2008, creates the National Archive of the Remembrance to promote the importance of both the enforcement of human rights and of democracy, through the full exercise of the individual and collective right to truth, to memory, and to public […]

Uruguay: President Signs Sexual and Reproductive Health Law

(Feb. 3, 2009) Uruguay's President Tabaré Vazquez signed a law on December 1, 2008, that establishes that the State will guarantee conditions for the full exercise of the sexual and reproductive rights of the entire population and, for that purpose, will promote national policies of sexual and reproductive health, develop new programs, and organize services […]

Uruguay: Defibrillators in Public and Private Places

(Jan. 5, 2009) The Uruguayan Congress passed Law No.18360 on September 26, 2008, concerning the installation of external automatic defibrillators in public or private establishments where large numbers of people gather. The Law states that those establishments are to have at least one external automatic defibrillator maintained in proper operating condition and available for immediate […]