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Israel: Parents May be Required to Provide Good Behavior Guarantee for Juvenile Offenders

(Nov. 18, 2015) On November 2, 2015, the Knesset (Israel’s parliament) passed an amendment to the Juveniles (Penalties and Treatment Methods) Law 5731-1971. The amendment authorizes the juvenile court to order that the parents of minors who have been convicted of crimes provide a guarantee of their minor child’s future good behavior or pay a […]

Brazil: New Law Creates Program to Combat Bullying Nationwide

(Nov. 13, 2015) On November 6, 2015, Brazil’s legislature enacted Law No. 13,185 on the creation of a national program to combat systematic intimidation (bullying) (Programa de Combate à Intimidação Sistemática). (Lei No. 13.185, de 6 de Novembro de 2015, art. 1, PLANALTO.) Law No. 13,185 defines systematic intimidation (intimidação sistemática) as any act of […]

Japan: Supreme Court Gives Out-of-Wedlock Children Equal Inheritance Rights

(Sept. 24, 2013) Japan’s Supreme Court ruled on September 4, 2013, that a Civil Code provision granting half inheritance to children born out of wedlock, compared with what is inherited by their siblings born in wedlock, is unconstitutional. The Court stated that the article in the Civil Code “violates the principle of equality under the […]

Italy: Tax Incentives and Other Measures to Tackle Youth Unemployment

(Sept. 9, 2013) Italy adopted a Decree-Law in June 2013, which was amended in August 2013, that is designed to promote youth employment in the country. (DECRETO-LEGGE, 28 giugno 2013, n. 76 [Decree-Law No. 76, June 28, 2013], effective the same day, NORMATTIVA; LEGGE, 9 agosto 2013, n. 99, NORMATTIVA.) To meet its purpose, the […]

Somalia: Action Plan to Eliminate Recruitment and Use of Child Soldiers

(July 12, 2012) On July 3, 2012, the Transitional Federal Government of Somalia and the United Nations signed an Action Plan on concrete steps for the Government to take to realize a child-free national army in the country. If the Government fully complies with the plan, the U.N. Secretary-General will remove it from the U.N.'s […]

Netherlands: Pedophile Organization Banned

(July 2, 2012) On June 27, 2012, the civil court in Assen, the Netherlands, outlawed the pedophile association Martijn, ordering its immediate dissolution. The reason for the decision, according to a statement from the court, was that the organization “glorifies sexual contact [between adults and children] and presents it as something that should be normal […]

Finland: Plan to Cut Childcare Benefits Considered

(Mar. 5, 2012) Finland's government is considering shortening the time period in which some families can receive funding from the government to cover the costs of private childcare. According to a news report that appeared in the first week of March 2012, the period in which a family could receive benefits would be reduced from […]

Argentina: Bill Penalizes “Grooming” of Minors on the Internet

(Feb. 8, 2012) On November 2, 2011, the Senate of Argentina approved and sent to the Cámara de Diputados (Chamber of Deputies) for further debate a bill that penalizes contact with minors through the Internet for sexual purposes, also known as “grooming” of children through the Internet. (Gustavo Ybarra, El Senado Tipificó como Delito el […]

Israel: Registration of a Second Official Address for a Child

(Jan. 23, 2012) On January 16, 2012, the Knesset (Israel's parliament) passed the Additional Address for Mail Delivery to a Minor (Amendments) Law, 5772-2012. The Law amends the Capacity and Guardianship Law, 5722-1962, the Population Registry Law, 5725-1965, and the Address Updating Law, 5765-2005. The Law permits a parent who resides separately from his child […]