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According to Denmark’s Statutory Order on Private Persons Keeping of Certain Animals, etc., no animal species that may present a danger or that is particularly difficult to keep in a manner conducive to animal welfare, and that is on the list provided in Annex 1 of the notice, may be kept by a private person.[1]  According to that list, all species of predators are banned from private ownership, with certain exceptions that do not include big cats.[2]

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Wendy Zeldin
Senior Legal Research Analyst
June 2013


[1] Bekendtgørelse om privates hold af særlige dyr m.v. [Statutory Order on Private Persons Keeping of Certain Animals, etc.] (Dec. 12, 2002, in force Jan. 1, 2003), Statutory Order No. 1021, ch. 2, § 3,, https://www.rets  Statutory Order No. 1021 was last amended by Statutory Order No. 1498 (Dec. 20, 2004, in force Feb. 1, 2005),,

[2] Id., Annex 1.  For a list in English of Danish regulations related to fauna and flora, see Regulation Relevant to Alien Species - Denmark (DK), NOBANIS (European Network on Invasive Alien Species), http://www.nobanis. org/Regulations_DK.asp (last visited June 4, 2013).

Last Updated: 06/30/2015