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The High Court of Australia (HCA) is the highest court in the Australian court hierarchy.  Its functions are to “interpret and apply the law of Australia; to decide cases of special federal significance including challenges to the constitutional validity of laws and to hear appeals, by special leave, from Federal, State and Territory courts.”  (Role of the High Court, High Court of Australia, (last visited Dec. 1, 2014).)  Full copies of the HCA’s judgments since its establishment in the early 1900s are provided in two free online databases:  

Both databases allow search results to be sorted by citation frequency.

Some Australian law school libraries provide lists of “landmark cases” on their websites—for example, Constitutional Law, Monash University Library: Library Guides: Law,; Australian Constitutional Law: Some Landmark Cases, University of Melbourne Library, php?pid=179196 &sid=2696267 (both last visited Dec. 2, 2014).

The following are some of the significant constitutional law cases determined by the HCA since 2000, in reverse chronological order:

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Last Updated: 06/09/2015