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A Practical Guide to Document Authentication: Legalization of Notarized and Certified Documents (1984) by John P. Sinnott - GLIC ID: 39

A world made new : Eleanor Roosevelt and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (2001.) by Glendon, Mary Ann, - GLIC ID: 1588

Basic legal documents on international animal welfare and wildlife conservation (2000) - GLIC ID: 1091

  • Control Number: 99056847 (Call Number: K3525.A35 B37 2000).
  • Subject: Wildlife conservation (International law) Animal welfare Wildlife conservation Animal welfare
  • Jurisdiction: ASEAN, Africa, Antarctica, European Union, United Nations
  • Publication: London ; Boston :
  • Location: LL-STACKS

Climate change damage and international law : prevention, duties and state responsibility / Roda Verheyen. (2005.) by Verheyen, Roda. - GLIC ID: 1119

Cultural heritage, cultural rights, cultural diversity : new developments in international law / edited by Silvia Borelli and Federico Lenzerini. (2012) - GLIC ID: 1140

Engaging with foreign law / Basil Markesinis in co-operation with Jörg Fedtke. (2009.) by Markesinis, B. S. - GLIC ID: 552

  • Control Number: 2009289316 (Call Number: K559 .M3694 2009).
  • Subject: Comparative law
  • Jurisdiction: Africa, Angola, Antarctica
  • Publication: Oxford ; Portland, Or. :
  • Location: LL-STACKS

Extradition : a treatise on the laws relevant to the fugitive offenders within and with the commonwealth countries (2002) by Bedi, Satya Deva, - GLIC ID: 1501

International environmental law and policy / by David Hunter, James Salzman, Durwood Zaelke. (2007.) by Hunter, David - GLIC ID: 915

International environmental law in a nutshell (2012) by Guruswamy, Lakshman D., 1939- - GLIC ID: 1076

International law anthology / edited by Anthony D'Amato. (c1994.) - GLIC ID: 1365

International trade regulation and the mitigation of climate change : World Trade Forum / edited by Thomas Cottier, Olga Nartova and Sadeq Z. Bigdeli. (2009.) - GLIC ID: 214

Jurisdiction and the ambit of the criminal law / Michael Hirst. (2003.) by Hirst, Michael, 1954- - GLIC ID: 603

Lyster's international wildlife law. (2010) by Bowman, Michael. - GLIC ID: 1093

Summary of Mining and Petroleum Laws of the World (1961) by Northcut Ely - GLIC ID: 139

The Law of the sea : problems from the East Asian perspective : proceedings of two workshops of the Law of the Sea Institute held in Seoul, Korea (1987) - GLIC ID: 1436

The global environment : institutions, law, and policy / edited by Regina S. Axelrod, Stacy D. VanDeveer, David Leonard Downie. (c2011.) - GLIC ID: 288

The international law of Antarctica (1992.) by Sahurie, Emilio J. - GLIC ID: 1437

The international legal regime of areas beyond national jurisdiction : current and future developments / edited by Alex G. Oude Elferink and Erik J. Molenaar. (2010.) - GLIC ID: 286

The international legal régime for the protection of the stratospheric ozone layer : international law, international régimes, and sustainable development / by O. Yoshida. (2001) by Yoshida, O. - GLIC ID: 1132

Worldwide merger notification requirements / J. Mark Gidley, George L. Paul [editors]. (c2009-) - GLIC ID: 198