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Comparative and international policing, justice, and transnational crime / edited by Sesha Kethineni. (c2010.) - GLIC ID: 439

European sports law : a comparative analysis of the European and American models of sport (2004.) by Halgreen, Lars, - GLIC ID: 1447

International regulation of underwater sound : establishing rules and standards to address ocean noise pollution / by Elena McCarthy. (2004) by McCarthy, Elena. - GLIC ID: 1133

Lyster's international wildlife law. (2010) by Bowman, Michael. - GLIC ID: 1093

Patent laws of the world ... (1911-12.) - GLIC ID: 1128

The international legal régime for the protection of the stratospheric ozone layer : international law, international régimes, and sustainable development / by O. Yoshida. (2001) by Yoshida, O. - GLIC ID: 1132