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Adjudicating constitutional issues / Chester James Antieau. (1985.) by Antieau, Chester James. - GLIC ID: 1371

Boards and shareholders in European listed companies : facts, context and post-crisis reforms : a research project sponsored by Emittenti Titoli S.p.A. (2013) - GLIC ID: 1591

Broadcasting law and fundamental rights (null) by Smith, Rachael Craufurd. - GLIC ID: 1397

Copyright and popular media : liberal villains and technological change / Trajce Cvetkovski, University of Queensland, Australia. (2013) by Cvetkovski, Trajce - GLIC ID: 1328

Copyright and the public interest / Gillian Davies. (c1994.) by Davies, Gillian. - GLIC ID: 1327

Copyright law : a handbook of contemporary research / edited by Paul Torremans. (c2007.) - GLIC ID: 1331

Copyright law in the United Kingdom and the European Community (1990) by Stone, Peter, - GLIC ID: 1430

EC shipping law (null) by Power, Vincent - GLIC ID: 1414

Enforcement of international and EU law in maritime affairs / edited by Peter Ehlers and Rainer Lagoni. (c2008.) - GLIC ID: 1265

Europe and refugees : a challenge? = L (1997.) - GLIC ID: 1533

  • Control Number: 96052750 (Call Number: KJC6057 .E95 1997).
  • Subject: Immigration, Law, Refugees
  • Jurisdiction: European Community
  • Publication: The Hague ; Boston
  • Location: LL-STACKS

European sports law : a comparative analysis of the European and American models of sport (2004.) by Halgreen, Lars, - GLIC ID: 1447

European waste law (null) by Hannequart, Jean-Pierre. - GLIC ID: 1446

Immigration law and business in Europe (1993.) - GLIC ID: 1535

Inside information and securities trading : a legal and economic analysis of the foundations of liability in the U.S.A. and the European Community / Bernhard Bergmans. (1991.) by Bergmans, Bernhard. - GLIC ID: 1281

Insider trading and the twenty-four hour securities market : a case study of legal regulation in the emerging global economy / by Shen-Shin Lu. (c1999.) by Lu, Shen-Shin. - GLIC ID: 1277

International Joint Ventures (1999) by D. Campbell - GLIC ID: 83

International legal problems of the environmental protection of the Baltic Sea (1992.) by Fitzmaurice, M. - GLIC ID: 1525

Jurisdiction and forum selection in international maritime law : essays in honor of Robert Force / [edited by] Martin Davies. (c2005.) - GLIC ID: 1267

Labour law, work, and family : critical and comparative perspectives / edited by Joanne Conaghan and Kerry Rittich. (2005.) - GLIC ID: 1286

Private enterprise and public interest in the European (1998]) by Dunk, Frans G. von der. - GLIC ID: 1411

Regulating European drug problems : administrative measures and civil law in the control of drug trafficking, nuisance, and use (1999.) - GLIC ID: 1443

Rule of law dynamics : in an era of international and transnational governance / edited by Michael Zürn, André Nollkaemper, Randall Peerenboom. (2012.) - GLIC ID: 1370

State procedure and union rights : a comparison of the European Union and the United States (2007.) by Lindholm, Johan - GLIC ID: 1517

Temporary work in modern society : a comparative study of the International Institute for Temporary Work, on request of the Fondation Internationale pour la Promotion de l'Etude du Travail Temporaire / W. Albeda, R. Blanpain, G. M. J. Veldkamp. (1978) - GLIC ID: 1291

The North Sea : basic legal documents on regional environmental co-operation (null) - GLIC ID: 1528

The challenge of child labour in international law (2009) by Humbert, Franziska - GLIC ID: 399

The international law of Antarctica (1992.) by Sahurie, Emilio J. - GLIC ID: 1437

The logic of anarchy : neorealism to structural realism / Barry Buzan, Charles Jones, and Richard Little. (c1993.) by Buzan, Barry. - GLIC ID: 1353

The transformation of administrative law in Europe = la mutation du droit administratif en Europe (2007) - GLIC ID: 1519

Towards a truly common law : Europe as a laboratory for legal pluralism / by Mireille Delmas-Marty ; translated by Naomi Norberg. (c2002.) by Delmas-Marty, Mireille. - GLIC ID: 1315

Women, equality, and Europe (null) - GLIC ID: 1506

Working towards the eradication of child labour : an analysis of the legal framework with case-studies of Pakistan, India, Indonesia, China, UK and USA / Farkhanda Zia Mansoor. (c2011) by Mansoor, Farkhanda Zia. - GLIC ID: 1293

World politics and tension areas. (1966.) by Gross, Feliks - GLIC ID: 1360