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Boards and shareholders in European listed companies : facts, context and post-crisis reforms : a research project sponsored by Emittenti Titoli S.p.A. (2013) - GLIC ID: 1591

EC shipping law (null) by Power, Vincent - GLIC ID: 1414

Gender quotas for company boards (null) - GLIC ID: 1592

Inside information and securities trading : a legal and economic analysis of the foundations of liability in the U.S.A. and the European Community / Bernhard Bergmans. (1991.) by Bergmans, Bernhard. - GLIC ID: 1281

Insider trading and the twenty-four hour securities market : a case study of legal regulation in the emerging global economy / by Shen-Shin Lu. (c1999.) by Lu, Shen-Shin. - GLIC ID: 1277

International and regional conflict : analytic approaches / edited by Walter Isard and Yoshimi Nagao. (c1983.) - GLIC ID: 1356

International crises; insights from behavioral research. Edited by Charles F. Hermann. ([1972]) by Hermann, Charles F. - GLIC ID: 1363

International systems; a behavioral approach. [Edited by] Michael Haas. Foreword by Donald J. Puchala. Contributions by Nazli Choucri [and others] (1974]) by Haas, Michael, - GLIC ID: 1562

World politics and tension areas. (1966.) by Gross, Feliks - GLIC ID: 1360