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A dual approach to ocean governance : the cases of zonal and integrated management in international law of the sea. (c2008.) by Tanaka, Yoshifumi. - GLIC ID: 788

Activities of the United Nations in the fields of prevention of discrimination and protection of minorities; memorandum. (1953.) - GLIC ID: 1310

After secular law / edited by Winnifred Fallers Sullivan, Robert A. Yelle, and Mateo Taussig-Rubbo. (2011.) - GLIC ID: 1348

Alternative dispute resolution : an essential competency for lawyers / Mark V.B. Partridge. (c2009.) by Partridge, Mark V. B. - GLIC ID: 356

Arrest and detention powers in English and Turkisk law and practice in the light of the European Convention on Human Rights (null) by Eryilmaz, M. Bedri. - GLIC ID: 1391

Asylum, welfare and the cosmopolitan ideal a sociology of rights / Lydia Morris. (2010.) by Morris, Lydia, 1949- - GLIC ID: 251

Bijuralism : an economic approach / edited by Albert Breton and Michael Trebilcock. (2006.) - GLIC ID: 1317

Bringing justice home : the road to final appellate and regional court establishment / Cheryl Thompson-Barrow. (c2008.) by Thompson-Barrow, Cheryl. - GLIC ID: 674

Caste-based discrimination in international human rights law (2007) by Keane, David - GLIC ID: 1087

Comparative labour law and industrial relations in industrialized market economies / editor, R. Blanpain ; [contributors], J. Baker ... [et al.]. (2007) - GLIC ID: 1171

Comparative perspectives on revenue law : essays in honour of John Tiley (null) - GLIC ID: 1593

  • Control Number: 2008003212 (Call Number: KD5359.A2 C66 2008).
  • Subject: Income tax, Income tax credits, Income tax deductions
  • Jurisdiction: Great Britain
  • Publication: Cambridge, UK ; New York
  • Location: null

Conflict of interest and public life : cross-national perspectives / Christine Trost and Alison L. Gash, editors. (2008.) - GLIC ID: 1372

Confronting cyber-bullying : what schools need to know to control misconduct and avoid legal consequences / Shaheen Shariff. (2009.) by Shariff, Shaheen. - GLIC ID: 794

Constitutional theocracy / Ran Hirschl. (2010.) by Hirschl, Ran. - GLIC ID: 1336

Copyright and electronic commerce : legal aspects of electronic copyright management / editor, P. Bernt Hugenholtz ; contributors Kamiel J. Koelman ... [et al.]. (2000.) - GLIC ID: 1325

Copyright and popular media : liberal villains and technological change / Trajce Cvetkovski, University of Queensland, Australia. (2013) by Cvetkovski, Trajce - GLIC ID: 1328

Copyright and the challenge of the new / editors, Brad Sherman, Leanne Wiseman. (c2012.) - GLIC ID: 1323

Copyright in the cultural industries / edited by Ruth Towse. (c2002.) - GLIC ID: 1324

Copyright law : a handbook of contemporary research / edited by Paul Torremans. (c2007.) - GLIC ID: 1331

Copyright law in the United Kingdom and the European Community (1990) by Stone, Peter, - GLIC ID: 1430

Copyright, communication and culture : towards a relational theory of copyright law / Carys J. Craig. (c2011.) by Craig, Carys. - GLIC ID: 1332

Copyrighting culture : the political economy of intellectual property / Ronald V. Bettig. (1996.) by Bettig, Ronald V. - GLIC ID: 1329

Counterterrorism and the comparative law of investigative detention / Dan E. Stigall ; foreword by Amos N. Guiora. (c2009.) by Stigall, Dan E. - GLIC ID: 432

Criminal enforcement of environmental law in the European Union (2005.) - GLIC ID: 1427

Criminal procedure in Europe (2008.) - GLIC ID: 1431

Cross-border internet dispute resolution / Julia Hörnle. (2009.) by Hörnle, Julia, 1970- - GLIC ID: 691

Culture, law and order : Chinese and Western traditions / International Symposium organised by the Macau Ricci Institute, Macae, December 1st-3rd 2004. (2007.) - GLIC ID: 386

Daisy Miller: a study, Four meetings, Longstaff's marriage, Benvolio, by Henry James. (1883.) by James, Henry - GLIC ID: 1292

Development law and international finance (2002) by Sarkar, Rumu - GLIC ID: 1080

EU digital copyright law and the end-user (2008) by Mazziotti, Giuseppe, - GLIC ID: 1429

Education law and legislation : a bibliography with indices / Jordan T. Ville, editor. (c2009.) - GLIC ID: 298

Freedom of association in China and Europe : comparative perspectives in law and practice / edited by Yuwen Li. (c2005.) - GLIC ID: 557

Freedom of speech : the history of an idea / edited by Elizabeth Powers. (2011) - GLIC ID: 1143

Global intellectual property law / Graham Dutfield, Uma Suthersanen. (c2008.) by Dutfield, Graham. - GLIC ID: 599

Global legal pluralism : a jurisprudence of law beyond borders / Paul Schiff Berman. (2012.) by Berman, Paul Schiff. - GLIC ID: 1316

Global prescriptions : the production, exportation, and importation of a new legal orthodoxy / edited by Yves Dezalay and Bryant G. Garth. (2002.) - GLIC ID: 1314

Guide to Official Publications of Foreign Countries (1990) by S.I. Jover - GLIC ID: 140

Health care under international law and the laws of selected foreign nations ([1997]) - GLIC ID: 1090

Immigration and criminal law in the European Union : the legal measures and social consequences of criminal law in member states on trafficking and smuggling in human beings (2006.) by Guild, Elspeth. - GLIC ID: 1421

Indian and English private international laws : a comparative study / Paras Diwan. (1977.) by Diwan, Paras - GLIC ID: 1020

Indigenous peoples in international law (2004) by Anaya, S. James. - GLIC ID: 1086

Indigenous peoples in international law / S. James Anaya. (1996) by Anaya, S. James. - GLIC ID: 1134

Information support for the legal profession / Gopal Sri Ram. (2008.) by Ram, Gopal Sri. - GLIC ID: 784

Inside information and securities trading : a legal and economic analysis of the foundations of liability in the U.S.A. and the European Community / Bernhard Bergmans. (1991.) by Bergmans, Bernhard. - GLIC ID: 1281

Insider trading in Israel and England; present law and suggestions for new theories of liability, by Aaron Yoran (Jurkevitz). (1972.) by Yoran, Aaron. - GLIC ID: 1274

Intellectual property rights and global capitalism : the political economy of the TRIPS Agreement / Donald G. Richards. (c2004.) by Richards, Donald G. - GLIC ID: 587

International Casino Law (1991) by Anthony N. Cabot, William N. Thompson, Andrew Tottenham - GLIC ID: 52

International Encyclopedia for Labour Law and Industrial Relations (1977) by R. Blanpain - GLIC ID: 33

International arbitration checklists / Grant Hanessian, Lawrence W. Newman, editors ; Nicole Dolenz-Extale, associate editor ; Baker & McKenzie, International Dispute Resolution Practice Group. (c2009.) - GLIC ID: 693

International commercial mediation / by Cyril Chern. (2008.) by Chern, Cyril. - GLIC ID: 906

International law and indigenous knowledge : intellectual property, plant biodiversity, and traditional medicine / Chidi Oguamanam. (c2006.) by Oguamanam, Chidi - GLIC ID: 585

International loan documentation / Sue Wright. (2006.) by Wright, Sue, solicitor. - GLIC ID: 912

  • Control Number: 2005044651 (Call Number: K1094.3 .W75 2006).
  • Subject: Loans, Foreign Commercial loans Loans, Foreign Commercial loans
  • Jurisdiction: Great Britain
  • Publication: Basingstoke [England] ; New York :
  • Location: LL-STACKS

International perspectives on child abuse and children's testimony : psychological research and law / Bette L. Bottoms, Gail S. Goodman, editors. (c1996.) - GLIC ID: 623

International systems; a behavioral approach. [Edited by] Michael Haas. Foreword by Donald J. Puchala. Contributions by Nazli Choucri [and others] (1974]) by Haas, Michael, - GLIC ID: 1562

Intolerance : divided societies on trial / Brian Harris. (2008.) by Harris, Brian - GLIC ID: 692

Investment management : law and practice / edited by Timothy Spangler. (2010.) - GLIC ID: 279

Ireland and the law of the sea (1993.) by Symmons, Clive Ralph. - GLIC ID: 1433

Judges and unjust laws : common law constitutionalism and the foundations of judicial review / Douglas E. Edlin. (c2008.) by Edlin, Douglas E. - GLIC ID: 782

Judicial review in the English-speaking world. ([1965]) by McWhinney, Edward. - GLIC ID: 567

Killing game : international law and the African elephant / David Harland. (1994) by Harland, David J. - GLIC ID: 1159

Labor policy on fixed-term employment contracts : 2010 JILPT Comparative Labor Law Seminar. (2010.) - GLIC ID: 1295

Language and the functions of law : legal linguistic study / by Tarja Salmi-Tolonen. (2008.) by Salmi-Tolonen, Tarja. - GLIC ID: 749

Laws of the postcolonial / edited by Eve Darian-Smith and Peter Fitzpatrick. (c1999.) - GLIC ID: 1313

Laws of the sea : with reference to maritime commerce during peace and war / from the German of Frederich J. Jacobsen ; by William Frick. (2005.) by Jacobsen, Friedrich Johann - GLIC ID: 1271

Legal Aspects of Carbon Trading: Kyoto, Copenhagen, and beyond (2009) by David Freestone and Charlotte Streck - GLIC ID: 1059

Legal integration of Islam : a transatlantic comparison / Christian Joppke and John Torpey. (2013.) by Joppke, Christian. - GLIC ID: 1312

Legal pluralism and development : scholars and practitioners in dialogue / edited by Brian Z. Tamanaha, Caroline Sage, Michael Woolcock. (2012.) - GLIC ID: 1321

Legal position of churches and church autonomy / Hildegard Warnink (ed.). (2001.) - GLIC ID: 1337

Legal position of churches and church autonomy / Hildegard Warnink (ed.). (2001.) - GLIC ID: 1339

Major legal systems in the world today : an introduction to the comparative study of law / René David, John E. C. Brierley. (1978) by David, René - GLIC ID: 1237

Manual on Licensing Procedures in Member Countries of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (1980) - GLIC ID: 29

Medical confidentiality and crime (2003.) by Michalowski, Sabine. - GLIC ID: 1425

Men, law, and gender : essays on the 'man' of law / Richard Collier. (2010.) by Collier, Richard. - GLIC ID: 630

On the art of cross-examination : four great old authorities, two Englishmen and two Americans, with emphasis on their principles / by George A. Serghides ; with a foreword by Demetrios H. Hadjihambis. (2009.) by Serghides, George A. - GLIC ID: 368

  • Control Number: 2009463321 (Call Number: K5460 .S47 2009).
  • Subject: Cross-examination Trial practice Cross-examination Trial practice
  • Jurisdiction: Great Britain, United States
  • Publication: Nicosia, Cyprus :
  • Location: LL-STACKS

Patent laws of the world ... (1911-12.) - GLIC ID: 1128

Patents Throughout the World (1978) by Elizabeth Hanellin - GLIC ID: 27

Personal freedom through human rights law? : autonomy, identity and integrity under the European Convention on Human Rights / by Jill Marshall. (2009.) by Marshall, Jil - GLIC ID: 338

Political opposition and foreign policy in comparative perspective (null) by Hagan, Joe D. - GLIC ID: 1567

Prisoners' rights in England and the United States / A.J. Fowles. (c1989.) by Fowles, A. J. - GLIC ID: 981

Private international law, Indian and English / Paras Diwan and Peeyushi Diwan. (1993.) by Diwan, Paras - GLIC ID: 1014

Property rights and natural resources / Richard Barnes. (2009) by Barnes, Richard - GLIC ID: 502

Prosecution in common law jurisdictions / edited by Andrew Sanders. (c1996.) - GLIC ID: 970

Rating agencies : their business, regulation, and liability under U.S., U.K., and German law / Oliver von Schweinitz. (2007) by Von Schweinitz, Oliver. - GLIC ID: 1183

  • Control Number: 2008272531 (Call Number: K1114.7 .V66 2007).
  • Subject: Rating agencies (Finance) Rating agencies (Finance) Rating agencies (Finance) Securities industry Securities industry Securities industry
  • Jurisdiction: Germany, Great Britain, United Kingdom, United States
  • Publication: Bloomington, Ind. :
  • Location: LL-STACKS

Religion and State - from separation to cooperation? : legal-philosophical reflections for a de-secularized world (IVR Cracow Special Workshop) / Bart C. Labuschagne, Ari M. Solon (Hg.). (2009.) - GLIC ID: 1350

Religious freedom in the liberal state / Rex Ahdar and Ian Leigh. (2005.) by Ahdar, Rex J. - GLIC ID: 1343

Report of the United States Delegation to the eleventh Diplomatic Conference on Maritime Law, Brussels, Belgium, April 17 through 29, 1961. Proposed convention on liability of operators of nuclear ships. Convention for the unification of certain rules relating to the carraige of passengers by sea. (1961.) - GLIC ID: 1264

Rights and responsibilities of citizenship the world over / Rita J. Simon and Alison Brooks. (c2009.) by Simon, Rita James - GLIC ID: 714

Sexuality and the law : feminist engagements / edited by Vanessa E. Munro and Carl F. Stychin. (2007.) - GLIC ID: 346

Shipowners, mariners, and the new Law of the Sea : the effects of technical, legal, and political constraints upon traditional users of the world's oceans / by D.S. Gandhi. (c1977]) by Gandhi, Dick S. - GLIC ID: 1266

Slavery in international law : of human exploitation and trafficking (2013) by Allain, Jean, - GLIC ID: 1448

Sovereignty, emergency, legality / edited by Austin Sarat. (2010.) - GLIC ID: 281

Temporary work in modern society : a comparative study of the International Institute for Temporary Work, on request of the Fondation Internationale pour la Promotion de l'Etude du Travail Temporaire / W. Albeda, R. Blanpain, G. M. J. Veldkamp. (1978) - GLIC ID: 1291

The OSPAR arbitration (Ireland - United Kingdom) award of 2003 / with an introduction by Daniel Bodansky. (c2009.) - GLIC ID: 325

  • Control Number: 2009499037 (Call Number: K2400.A54 2009).
  • Subject: Alternative dispute resolution, Environmental mediation, Government information
  • Jurisdiction: Great Britain, Ireland, United Kingdom
  • Publication: The Hague :
  • Location: LL-STACKS

The civil law and the church / by Charles Z. Lincoln. (2005.) by Lincoln, Charles Z. (Charles Zebina) - GLIC ID: 1352

The deportation regime : sovereignty, space, and the freedom of movement / Nicholas De Genova and Nathalie Peutz, editors. (2010) - GLIC ID: 1211

The endurance of national constitutions / Zachary Elkins, Tom Ginsburg, James Melton. (2009.) by Elkins, Zachary - GLIC ID: 176

The freedom to be racist? : how the United States and Europe struggle to preserve freedom and combat racism / Erik Bleich. (c2011.) by Bleich, Erik. - GLIC ID: 1361

The global environment : institutions, law, and policy / edited by Regina S. Axelrod, Stacy D. VanDeveer, David Leonard Downie. (c2011.) - GLIC ID: 288

The human rights of aliens under international and comparative law / by Carmen Tiburcio. (2001) by Tiburcio, Carmen - GLIC ID: 1203

The image of law : Deleuze, Bergson, Spinoza. (2009) by Lefebvre, Alexandre - GLIC ID: 1173

The international law of Antarctica (1992.) by Sahurie, Emilio J. - GLIC ID: 1437

The international law of economic migration : toward the fourth freedom / Joel P. Trachtman. (2009.) by Trachtman, Joel P. - GLIC ID: 215

The international law of migrant smuggling (2014) by Gallagher, Anne T., - GLIC ID: 1450

The law of defamation and the Internet / by Matthew Collins. (2001.) by Collins, Matthew, Dr. - GLIC ID: 760

The law of international copyright : with special sections on the colonies and the United States of America / by William Briggs. (1986) by Briggs, William - GLIC ID: 580

The law of war crimes : national and international approaches (1997.) - GLIC ID: 1440

The restraint of trade doctrine / J.D. Heydon. (2008.) by Heydon, John Dyson. - GLIC ID: 474

The rule of law in comparative perspective / edited by Mortimer Sellers and Tadeusz Tomaszewski. (c2010.) - GLIC ID: 1369

The timing of income recognition in tax law and the time value of money / Moshe Shekel. (2009.) by Shekel, Moshe. - GLIC ID: 892

The transformation of administrative law in Europe = la mutation du droit administratif en Europe (2007) - GLIC ID: 1519

This alien legacy : the origins of "sodomy" laws in British colonialism / [report written by Alok Gupta] ; Human Rights Watch. (c2008.) by Gupta, Alok - GLIC ID: 718

Tribunals in the common law world / editor, Robin Creyke. (2008.) - GLIC ID: 407

War and change in world politics / Robert Gilpin. (1981.) by Gilpin, Robert. - GLIC ID: 1362

World Patent Law and Practice (1974) by John P. Sinnott, William Joseph Cotreau - GLIC ID: 26

World politics and tension areas. (1966.) by Gross, Feliks - GLIC ID: 1360