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Globalisation and labour rights : the conflict between core labour rights and international economic law / Christine Kaufmann. (2007.) by Kaufmann, Christine - GLIC ID: 1060

Health rights / edited by Michael J. Selgelid and Thomas Pogge. (2010) - GLIC ID: 1209

Human rights monitoring mechanisms of the Council of Europe / edited by Gauthier de Beco. (2012) - GLIC ID: 1082

International criminal adjudication and the collection of evidence : obligations of states / Göran Sluiter. (c2002.) by Sluiter, Göran. - GLIC ID: 602

International law and human rights, by Hersch Lauterpacht. With a new introd. for the Garland ed. by Isidore Silver. (1973.) by Lauterpacht, Hersch - GLIC ID: 564

Minority rights jurisprudence digest / Alcidia Moucheboeuf ; a project supported by the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs, conducted under the supervision of Marc Weller. (c2006.) by Moucheboeuf, Alcidia. - GLIC ID: 1028

Sexual offenses in armed conflict & international law / Noëlle N.R. Quénivet. (c2005.) by Quénivet, Noëlle N. R. - GLIC ID: 620

The human rights committee and the right of individual communication : law and practice / P.R. Ghandhi. (1998) by Ghandhi, P. R. - GLIC ID: 1227

The right to health in international law / John Tobin. (2012) by Tobin, John - GLIC ID: 1210

Vulnerable and marginalised groups and human rights / edited by David Weissbrodt and Mary Rumsey. (c2011.) - GLIC ID: 1025