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2048 : humanity's agreement to live together / J. Kirk Boyd. (c2010.) by Boyd, J. Kirk. - GLIC ID: 184

880-01 Pravovai︠a︡ okhrana religioznogo nasledii︠a︡ i tradit︠s︡ionnogo uklada korennykh narodov : monografii︠a︡ / B.A. Molchanov, S.N. Gorbunov. (2009.) by Molchanov, Boris Alekseevich - GLIC ID: 1032

  • Control Number: 2009469269 (Call Number: K3247 .M65 2009).
  • Subject: Indigenous peoples Freedom of religion, Cultural property Indigenous peoples
  • Jurisdiction: Russian Federation, United Nations
  • Publication: Vladimir ; Arkhangel'sk :
  • Location: LL-STACKS

A dual approach to ocean governance : the cases of zonal and integrated management in international law of the sea. (c2008.) by Tanaka, Yoshifumi. - GLIC ID: 788

A global view of business insolvency systems (c2010.) by Jay Lawrence Westbrook - GLIC ID: 320

A guide to the LCIA arbitration rules (2009.) by Peter Turner - GLIC ID: 510

A handbook on reading WTO goods and services schedules. (2009.) - GLIC ID: 503

A sourcebook on international human rights materials / Aphrodite Smagadi ; [transl. to Farsi by Reza Eslami]. (c2008.) by Smagadi, Aphrodite. - GLIC ID: 668

A substantive environmental right : an examination of the legal obligations of decision-makers towards the environment / Stephen J. Turner. (c2009.) by Turner, Stephen J. - GLIC ID: 673

A world made new : Eleanor Roosevelt and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (2001.) by Glendon, Mary Ann, - GLIC ID: 1588

Access to asylum : international refugee law and the globalisation of migration control / Thomas Gammeltoft-Hansen. (2011) by Gammeltoft-Hansen, Thomas. - GLIC ID: 1206

Accommodating cultural diversity / edited by Stephen Tierney. (c2007.) - GLIC ID: 1319

Accountability for human rights atrocities in international law : beyond the Nuremberg legacy / Steven R. Ratner, Jason S. Abrams, James L. Bischoff. (2009.) by Ratner, Steven R. - GLIC ID: 835

Adjudicating climate change : state, national, and international approaches / edited by William C.G. Burns, Hari M. Osofsky. (2009.) - GLIC ID: 321

Adjudicating constitutional issues / Chester James Antieau. (1985.) by Antieau, Chester James. - GLIC ID: 1371

After Abu Ghraib : exploring human rights in America and the Middle East / Shadi Mokhtari. (2009.) by Mokhtari, Shadi - GLIC ID: 904

After genocide : bringing the devil to justice / Adam M. Smith. (2009.) by Smith, Adam M. - GLIC ID: 783

After secular law / edited by Winnifred Fallers Sullivan, Robert A. Yelle, and Mateo Taussig-Rubbo. (2011.) - GLIC ID: 1348

Against the death penalty : international initiatives and implications / edited by Jon Yorke. (c2008.) - GLIC ID: 849

Agreeing and implementing the Doha Round of the WTO / edited by Harald Hohmann. (2008.) - GLIC ID: 778

Alternative dispute resolution in the energy sector / Association for International Arbitration (ed.). (c2009.) - GLIC ID: 417

An introduction to comparative legal models of criminal justice / authors, Cliff Roberson, Dilip K. Das. (2008) by Roberson, Cliff - GLIC ID: 1187

An introduction to international institutional law (2002.) by Klabbers, Jan. - GLIC ID: 1590

  • Control Number: 2002067359 (Call Number: KZ4850 .K58 2002).
  • Subject: International affairs, International exchanges, International monetary system
  • Jurisdiction: United Nations, United States
  • Publication: New York
  • Location: null

Ancillary and other cross-border insolvency cases under Chapter 15 of the Bankruptcy Code / Leif M. Clark ; Daniel M. Glosband, consulting editor. (2008.) by Clark, Leif M. - GLIC ID: 378

Arbitrability : international & comparative perspectives / edited by Loukas A. Mistelis & Stavros L. Brekoulakis. (c2009.) - GLIC ID: 531

Article 2 : the right of non-discrimination / by Bruce Abramson. (2008.) by Abramson, Bruce. - GLIC ID: 457

Article 21 : adoption / by Sylvain Vite, Herve Boechat. (2008.) by Vité, Sylvain. - GLIC ID: 1047

Asian-African handbook on environmental law. (1999) - GLIC ID: 1109

Ask no questions : an international legal analysis on sexual orientation discrimination / Anne-Marie Mooney Cotter. (c2010.) by Cotter, Anne-Marie Mooney - GLIC ID: 448

Aspects of regulating freedom of expression on the Internet / Dragoş Cucereanu. (c2008.) by Cucereanu, Dragoş. - GLIC ID: 681

Autonomy in the law / edited by Mortimer Sellers. (2007) - GLIC ID: 1165

Basic international law documents on corruption, money-laundering, trans-organized crimes, and terrorism. ([2006?]) - GLIC ID: 365

Basic legal documents on international animal welfare and wildlife conservation (2000) - GLIC ID: 1091

  • Control Number: 99056847 (Call Number: K3525.A35 B37 2000).
  • Subject: Wildlife conservation (International law) Animal welfare Wildlife conservation Animal welfare
  • Jurisdiction: ASEAN, Africa, Antarctica, European Union, United Nations
  • Publication: London ; Boston :
  • Location: LL-STACKS

Basics of international intellectual property law / G. Gregory Letterman. (c2001.) by Letterman, G. Gregory - GLIC ID: 569

Between equal rights : a Marxist theory of international law / by China Miéville. (2005.) by Miéville, China. - GLIC ID: 991

Bias challenges in international commercial arbitration : the need for a 'real danger' test / Sam Luttrell. (c2009.) by Luttrell, Sam. - GLIC ID: 201

Bilateral investment treaties : history, policy, and interpretation / Kenneth J. Vandevelde. (c2010.) by Vandevelde, Kenneth J. - GLIC ID: 280

Biotechnology & nanotechnology : regulation under environmental, health, and safety laws / B. David Naidu. (c2009.) by Naidu, B. David. - GLIC ID: 169

  • Control Number: 2009013012 (Call Number: K3925.B56 N35 2009).
  • Subject: Agriculture and food, Biotechnology, Biotechnology industries
  • Jurisdiction: European Union, United Nations, United States
  • Publication: Oxford [England] ; New York :
  • Location: LL-STACKS

Border security in the Al-Qaeda era / edited by John A. Winterdyk, Kelly W. Sundberg. (c2010.) - GLIC ID: 341

Bringing equality home : implementing the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women : CEDAW / edited by Ilana Landsberg-Lewis. (c1998.) - GLIC ID: 406

British and Canadian perspectives on international law / edited by Christopher P.M. Waters. (c2006.) - GLIC ID: 959

CISG methodology / edited by André Janssen, Olaf Meyer. (c2009.) - GLIC ID: 428

Calculation of compensation and damages in international investment law / Irmgard Marboe. (2009.) by Marboe, Irmgard. - GLIC ID: 267

Canadian oceans policy : national strategies and the new law of the sea (1989) - GLIC ID: 1434

  • Control Number: 90134964 (Call Number: JX4422.C2 C37 1989).
  • Subject: Treaties and International Agreements/Maritime, United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS), 1982
  • Jurisdiction: Canada, United Nations, United States
  • Publication: Vancouver
  • Location: LL-STACKS

Child labour in a globalized world : a legal analysis of ILO action / edited by Giuseppe Nesi, Luca Nogler and Marco Pertile. (2008.) - GLIC ID: 1196

Children's bioethics : the international biopolitical discourse on harmful traditional practices and the right of the child to cultural identity / Maya Sabatello. (2009.) by Sabatello, Maya. - GLIC ID: 521

Children's rights and the minimum age of criminal responsibility : a global perspective / Don Cipriani. (c2009.) by Cipriani, Don. - GLIC ID: 371

China and international environmental liability : legal remedies for transboundary pollution / edited by Michael Faure and Song Ying. (c2008.) - GLIC ID: 715

Choosing life, choosing death : the tyranny of autonomy in medical ethics and law / Charles Foster. (2009.) by Foster, Charles - GLIC ID: 350

Choosing the language of transnational deals : practicalities, policy, and law reform (2010) by Del Duca, Patrick L. - GLIC ID: 1253

Class act : an international legal perspective on class discrimination / Anne-Marie Mooney Cotter. (2011) by Cotter, Anne-Marie Mooney. - GLIC ID: 928

Climate change : a guide to carbon law and practice / consulting editor, Paul Q. Watchman. (2008.) - GLIC ID: 1121

Climate change and the law / Chris Wold, David Hunter, Melissa Powers. (c2009.) by Wold, Chris. - GLIC ID: 423

Climate change damage and international law : prevention, duties and state responsibility / Roda Verheyen. (2005.) by Verheyen, Roda. - GLIC ID: 1119

Climate law and developing countries : legal and policy challenges for the world economy / [edited by] Benjamin J. Richardson ... [et al.]. (2009.) - GLIC ID: 1118

Combating trafficking in persons. ([2009]) - GLIC ID: 260

Commentary on the UNIDROIT principles of international commercial contracts (PICC) / edited by Stefan Vogenauer and Jan Kleinheisterkamp. (2009.) - GLIC ID: 661

Comparative labour law and industrial relations in industrialized market economies / editor, R. Blanpain ; [contributors], J. Baker ... [et al.]. (2007) - GLIC ID: 1171

Comparative perspectives on communal lands and individual ownership : sustainable futures / edited by Lee Godden and Maureen Tehan. (2010.) - GLIC ID: 262

Comparative postconviction remedies (1980) by Robbins, Ira P. - GLIC ID: 1493

Comparison of international arbitration rules / prepared by the International Arbitration Group of Simpson Thacher & Bartlett ; John J. Kerr, Jr. ... [et al.] (2008.) - GLIC ID: 750

Compliance mechanisms under selected multilateral environmental agreements. ([2007]) - GLIC ID: 898

  • Control Number: 2008349631 (Call Number: K3585 .C6586 2007).
  • Subject: Environmental law, International, Environmental policy, Environmental protection
  • Jurisdiction: United Nations
  • Publication: Nairobi, Kenya :
  • Location: LL-STACKS

Conflicts between fundamental rights / Eva Brems, editor. (c2008.) - GLIC ID: 825

Confronting biopiracy : challenges, cases and international debates / Daniel F. Robinson. (2010.) by Robinson, Daniel F. - GLIC ID: 362

Confronting cyber-bullying : what schools need to know to control misconduct and avoid legal consequences / Shaheen Shariff. (2009.) by Shariff, Shaheen. - GLIC ID: 794

Conservation on the high seas : harmonizing international regimes for the sustainable use of living resources / Simone Borg. (2012) by Borg, Simone. - GLIC ID: 1156

Constituting equality : gender equality and comparative constitutional law / edited by Susan H. Williams. (2009.) - GLIC ID: 319

Contemporary issues in international arbitration and mediation : the Fordham papers 2007 / Arthur W. Rovine, editor. (c2008.) - GLIC ID: 452

Contemporary issues in international arbitration and mediation : the Fordham papers 2008 / Arthur W. Rovine, editor. (2009.) - GLIC ID: 322

Contemporary issues in international environmental law / Malgosia Fitzmaurice. (c2009.) by Fitzmaurice, M. - GLIC ID: 437

Contractual certainty in international trade : empirical studies and theoretical debates on institutional support for global economic exchanges / edited by Volkmar Gessner. (2009.) - GLIC ID: 724

Convention on International Interests in Mobile Equipment and protocol thereto on matters specific to aircraft equipment : official commentary / by Sir Roy Goode. (2008.) by Goode, Royston Miles. - GLIC ID: 492

  • Control Number: 2009288163 (Call Number: K4093.32001 .G66 2008).
  • Subject: Aeronautics, Security (Law), Aeronautics, Commercial Contracts (International law)
  • Jurisdiction: European Union, South Africa, United Nations
  • Publication: Rome :
  • Location: LL-STACKS

Convention on the Marking of Plastic Explosives for the Purpose of Detection, done at Montréal on 1 March 1991 = Convention sur le marquage des explosifs plastiques et en feuilles aux fins de détection, faite à Montréal le 1er mars 1991 = Convenio sobre la marcación de explosivos plásticos para los fines de detección, hecho en Montréal el 1o de marzo de 1991. (2007.) - GLIC ID: 785

  • Control Number: 2008378966 (Call Number: K3661.A41991 A2 2007).
  • Subject: Explosives Explosives
  • Jurisdiction: United Nations
  • Publication: Montréal, Québec :
  • Location: LL-STACKS

Corporate accountability in international environmental law / Elisa Morgera. (2009.) by Morgera, Elisa. - GLIC ID: 725

Corporate social responsibility, human rights, and the law : multinational corporations in developing countries (2011) by Amao, Olufemi - GLIC ID: 1081

Counter-terrorism and the detention of suspected terrorists : preventive detention and international human rights law / Claire Macken. (2011.) by Macken, Claire. - GLIC ID: 1002

Counterterrorism and the comparative law of investigative detention / Dan E. Stigall ; foreword by Amos N. Guiora. (c2009.) by Stigall, Dan E. - GLIC ID: 432

Crimes against humanity : a normative account / Larry May. (2005.) by May, Larry. - GLIC ID: 996

Criminal Jurisdiction 100 Years After the 1907 Hague Peace Conference : 2007 Hague Joint Conference on Contemporary Issues of International Law / Willem J.M. van Genugten, Michael P. Scharf , Sasha E. Radin (eds.). (2009.) - GLIC ID: 256

Criminal justice and human rights law in a globalised system / Frank Ifeanyi Asogwah, Sylvester Ndubuisi Anya. (2011) by Asogwah, F. I. (Frank I.) - GLIC ID: 1141

Criminal law and economics / edited by Nuno Garoupa. (c2009.) - GLIC ID: 228

Criminal law conversations / edited by Paul H. Robinson, Stephen P. Garvey, Kimberly Kessler Ferzan. (c2009.) - GLIC ID: 381

Critical beings : law, nation, and the global subject / edited by Peter Fitzpatrick and Patricia Tuitt. (c2004.) - GLIC ID: 925

Critical perspectives on human rights and disability law / edited by Marcia H. Rioux, Lee Ann Basser, Melinda Jones. (2011) - GLIC ID: 1260

Cultural heritage issues : the legacy of conquest, colonization, and commerce / edited by James A.R. Nafziger, Ann M. Nicgorski. (2009.) - GLIC ID: 676

Cultural heritage, cultural rights, cultural diversity : new developments in international law / edited by Silvia Borelli and Federico Lenzerini. (2012) - GLIC ID: 1140

Culture clash : an international legal perspective on ethnic discrimination / Anne-Marie Mooney Cotter. (2011.) by Cotter, Anne-Marie Mooney - GLIC ID: 927

Culture, law and order : Chinese and Western traditions / International Symposium organised by the Macau Ricci Institute, Macae, December 1st-3rd 2004. (2007.) - GLIC ID: 386

Cyberthreats : the emerging fault lines of the nation state / Susan W. Brenner. (2009) by Brenner, Susan W. - GLIC ID: 837

Damages in international investment law / Sergey Ripinsky with Kevin Williams. (c2008.) by Ripinsky, Sergey. - GLIC ID: 812

Damages under the Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods / Bruno Zeller. (c2009.) by Zeller, Bruno. - GLIC ID: 741

Death / Sarah Levete. (2010.) by Levete, Sarah. - GLIC ID: 694

Debates in family law around the globe at the dawn of the 21st century / edited by Katharina Boele-Woelki. (c2009.) - GLIC ID: 524

Declaration on race and racial prejudice adopted by the General Conference of Unesco at its twentieth session, Paris, 27 November 1978. (1979.) - GLIC ID: 1297

Decoding international law : semiotics and the humanities / Susan Tiefenbrun. (c2010.) by Tiefenbrun, Susan W. - GLIC ID: 292

Defence counsel in international criminal law / by Jarinde P.W. Temminck Tuinstra. (c2009.) by Temminck Tuinstra, Jarinde P. W. (Jarinde Petra Willemien) - GLIC ID: 285

Defining human trafficking and identifying its victims : a study on the impact and future challenges of international, European and Finnish legal responses to prostitution-related trafficking in human beings / edited by Venla Roth. (2012) by Roth, Venla. - GLIC ID: 1101

Defining rape : emerging obligations for states under international law? (2011.) by Eriksson, Maria, - GLIC ID: 1441

  • Control Number: 2011037850 (Call Number: KZ7162 .E75 2011).
  • Subject: Crime and law enforcement, Crimes against women, Sex offenses
  • Jurisdiction: United Nations
  • Publication: Boston
  • Location: LL-STACKS

Degradation : what the history of obscenity tells us about hate speech / Kevin W. Saunders. (c2011.) by Saunders, Kevin W. - GLIC ID: 1359

Deprivation of liberty of children in light of international human rights law and standards/ Ton Liefaard. (c2008.) by Liefaard, Ton - GLIC ID: 536

Detention of asylum seekers in Europe : analysis and perspectives (1998.) - GLIC ID: 1532

Developing capacity to realise socio-economic rights : the right to food in the context of HIV/AIDS in South Africa and Uganda / Ida-Eline Engh. (c2008.) by Engh, Ida-Eline. - GLIC ID: 726

Developing countries in the WTO legal system / edited by Chantal Thomas and Joel P. Trachtman. (c2009.) - GLIC ID: 888

Development law and international finance (2002) by Sarkar, Rumu - GLIC ID: 1080

Dimensions of forensic linguistics / edited by John Gibbons, M. Teresa Turell. (c2008.) - GLIC ID: 804

Disability, divers-ability, and legal change / edited by Melinda Jones and Lee Ann Basser Marks. (1999) - GLIC ID: 1259

Disclosure dilemmas : ethics of genetic prognosis after the 'right to know/not to know' debate / edited by Christoph Rehmann-Sutter, Hansjakob Müller. (c2009.) - GLIC ID: 369

Diversity and tolerance in socio-legal contexts : explorations in the semiotics of law / edited by Anne Wagner, Vijay K. Bhatia. (c2009.) - GLIC ID: 637

Documents in international economic law : trade, investment, and finance. (2012) by Christian J. Tams and Christian Tietje - GLIC ID: 1150

Double standards pertaining to minority protection / edited by Kristin Henrard. (2010.) - GLIC ID: 924

Driving innovation : intellectual property strategies for a dynamic world / Michael A. Gollin. (2008) by Gollin, Michael A. - GLIC ID: 1168

Due diligence and its application to protect women from violence / edited by Carin Benninger-Budel. (2008.) - GLIC ID: 456

Due process and international terrorism / by Roza Pati. (2009.) by Pati, Roza. - GLIC ID: 527

Dumping since the war; the GATT and national laws, par William Arthur Seavey. (null) by Seavey, William Arthur. - GLIC ID: 1594

  • Control Number: 72197560 (Call Number: K4635 .S43 1970).
  • Subject: Foreign trade and international finance, Law, Trade agreements and negotiations
  • Jurisdiction: United Nations
  • Publication: null
  • Location: null

EC shipping law (null) by Power, Vincent - GLIC ID: 1414

Earth and other ethics : the case for moral pluralism / Christopher D. Stone. (1987) by Stone, Christopher D. - GLIC ID: 1157

Eco crime and genetically modified food / Reece Walters. (2011.) by Walters, Reece. - GLIC ID: 1115

Economic globalization and ecological localization : socio-legal perspectives / edited by Robert Lee and Elen Stokes. (2009.) - GLIC ID: 872

Education law and legislation : a bibliography with indices / Jordan T. Ville, editor. (c2009.) - GLIC ID: 298

Effective judicial review : a cornerstone of good governance / edited by Christopher Forsyth ... [et al.]. (2010.) - GLIC ID: 194

Electronic consumer contracts in the conflict of laws / Zheng Sophia Tang. (2009.) by Tang, Zheng Sophia. - GLIC ID: 429

Energy law in Europe : national, EU, and international regulation / edited by M. Roggenkamp ... [et al.]. (2007) - GLIC ID: 1178

Enforcement of international and EU law in maritime affairs / edited by Peter Ehlers and Rainer Lagoni. (c2008.) - GLIC ID: 1265

Enforcement of transnational regulation : ensuring compliance in a global world . (2012) by Fabrizio Cafaggi - GLIC ID: 1154

Environmental justice and the rights of ecological refugees / Laura Westra. (2009.) by Westra, Laura. - GLIC ID: 389

Environmental justice and the rights of indigenous peoples : international and domestic legal perspectives / Laura Westra. (2008.) by Westra, Laura. - GLIC ID: 934

Environmental law and justice in context / edited by Jonas Ebbesson and Phoebe Okowa. (2009.) - GLIC ID: 646

Environmental law of armed conflict / Nada Al-Duaij. (2004) by Al-Duaij, Nada - GLIC ID: 1230

Environmental protection and human rights / Donald K. Anton, Dinah Shelton. (2011) by Anton, Donald K. - GLIC ID: 1231

Essays on the doctrinal study of law / Aulis Aarnio. (c2011.) by Aarnio, Aulis. - GLIC ID: 1318

Essential texts on international and European criminal law (null) - GLIC ID: 1388

European waste law (null) by Hannequart, Jean-Pierre. - GLIC ID: 1446

Exploring private law / edited by Elise Bant and Matthew Harding. (2010.) - GLIC ID: 963

Extradition : a treatise on the laws relevant to the fugitive offenders within and with the commonwealth countries (2002) by Bedi, Satya Deva, - GLIC ID: 1501

Extradition in multilateral treaties and conventions (2006.) by Zanotti, Isidoro. - GLIC ID: 1540

Fairness in international climate change law and policy / Friedrich Soltau. (2009.) by Soltau, Friedrich - GLIC ID: 222

Family law in the world community : cases, materials, and problems in comparative and international family law / D. Marianne Blair ... [et al.]. (c2009.) - GLIC ID: 273

Family law, sex and society : a comparative study of family law / Peter de Cruz. (2010.) by De Cruz, Peter. - GLIC ID: 393

Fed up with the right to food? : the Netherlands' policies and practices regarding the human right to adequate food / edited by Otto Hospes, Bernd van der Meulen. (2009.) - GLIC ID: 404

Federalism, subnational constitutions, and minority rights / edited by G. Alan Tarr, Robert F. Williams, and Josef Marko. (2004.) - GLIC ID: 923

Feminism and women's rights worldwide (2010) by Paludi, Michele A. - GLIC ID: 1094

Fighting terrorism through multilevel criminal legislation : Security Council Resolution 1373, the EU framework decision on combating terrorism and their implementation in Nordic, Dutch and German criminal law (null) by Husabø, Erling Johannes. - GLIC ID: 1389

Framing the state in times of transition : case studies in constitution making / Laurel E. Miller, editor ; with Louis Aucoin. (2010.) - GLIC ID: 366

Freedom of information : a comparative legal survey / by Toby Mendel. (2004) by Mendel, Toby - GLIC ID: 1204

Freedom of religion : UN and European human rights law and practice / Paul M. Taylor. (2005) by Taylor, Paul M. - GLIC ID: 1213

Freshwater access from a human rights perspective : a challenge to international water and human rights law / by Knut Bourquain. (2008.) by Bourquain, Knut. - GLIC ID: 313

From bondage to freedom : an analysis of International legal regime on human trafficking (2006) by Kinnu, Gunjan. - GLIC ID: 1102

From civil to human rights : dialogues on law and humanities in the United States and Europe / Helle Porsdam. (c2009.) by Porsdam, Helle - GLIC ID: 403

From hot air to action? : climate change, compliance and the future of international environmental law / by Meinhard Doelle. (2005.) by Doelle, Meinhard - GLIC ID: 1120

Fundamental issues and practical problems in tax treaty interpretation / edited by Michael Schilcher, Patrick Weninger. (c2008.) - GLIC ID: 332

Fundamentals of counterterrorism / Amos N. Guiora. (c2008.) by Guiora, Amos N. - GLIC ID: 880

Gender equality laws : global good practice and a review of five Southeast Asian countries / Christine Forster and Vedna Jivan. (2009.) by Forster, Christine. - GLIC ID: 939

Gender stereotyping : transnational legal perspectives / Rebecca J. Cook and Simone Cusack. (c2010.) by Cook, Rebecca J. - GLIC ID: 374

General jurisprudence : understanding law from a global perspective / William Twining. (2009.) by Twining, William L. - GLIC ID: 640

Genetic engineering and the world trade system : world trade forum / edited by Daniel Wüger. (2008) - GLIC ID: 1151

Genetic resources, traditional knowledge and the law : solutions for access and benefit sharing / edited by Evanson C. Kamau and Gerd Winter. (2009.) - GLIC ID: 435

Global democracy and sustainable jurisprudence : deliberative environmental law / Walter F. Baber and Robert V. Bartlett. (2009) by Baber, Walter F. - GLIC ID: 277

Global governance of the environment : environmental principles and change in international law and politics / Afshin Akhtarkhavari. (2010) by Akhtarkhavari, Afshin - GLIC ID: 1229

  • Control Number: 2010926005 (Call Number: K3585 .A353 2010).
  • Subject: Environmental law, International, Environmental policy, Social learning
  • Jurisdiction: International Court of Justice, United Nations
  • Publication: Cheltenham, UK ; Northampton, MA, USA
  • Location: LL-STACKS

Global health and human rights : legal and philosophical perspectives / edited by John Harrington and Maria Stuttaford. (2010.) - GLIC ID: 559

Global intellectual property law / Graham Dutfield, Uma Suthersanen. (c2008.) by Dutfield, Graham. - GLIC ID: 599

Global intellectual property rights : knowledge, access, and development / edited by Peter Drahos and Ruth Mayne. (2002.) - GLIC ID: 590

Global legal pluralism : a jurisprudence of law beyond borders / Paul Schiff Berman. (2012.) by Berman, Paul Schiff. - GLIC ID: 1316

Global prescriptions : the production, exportation, and importation of a new legal orthodoxy / edited by Yves Dezalay and Bryant G. Garth. (2002.) - GLIC ID: 1314

Global standards--local action : 15 years Vienna World Conference on Human Rights : conference proceedings of the international expert conference held in Vienna on 28 and 29 August 2008 / edited by Wolfgang Bendek ... [et al.]. (c2009.) - GLIC ID: 223

Globalisation and resistance : law reform in Asia since the crisis / edited by Christoph Antons and Volkmar Gessner. (2007.) - GLIC ID: 1163

Globalising intellectual property rights : the TRIPs Agreement / Duncan Matthews. (2002.) by Matthews, Duncan - GLIC ID: 573

Globalising justice for mass atrocities : revolution in accountability / Chandra Lekha Sriram. (2005.) by Sriram, Chandra Lekha - GLIC ID: 604

Governing agrobiodiversity : plant genetics and developing countries / Regine Andersen. (2008) by Andersen, Regine - GLIC ID: 908

Group rights and discrimination in international law / by Natan Lerner. (c1991.) by Lerner, Natan. - GLIC ID: 977

Guide to International Commerce Law (1981) by Vishny, Paul H. - GLIC ID: 13

Guide to foreign and international legal citations. Guide to foreign and international legal citations. (c2009. *) - GLIC ID: 705

Guidelines on indigenous peoples' issues / United Nations Development Group. (2009.) - GLIC ID: 360

Handbook of transnational economic governance regimes / edited by Christian Tietje & Alan Brouder. (2009.) - GLIC ID: 276

Harmonized commodity description and coding system. (2007) - GLIC ID: 1056

  • Control Number: 2008420345 (Call Number: K4640.T48 C85713 2007).
  • Subject: Tariff Commercial products
  • Jurisdiction: International, United Nations
  • Publication: Brussels :
  • Location: LL-STACKS

Hate crimes / Barbara Perry, general editor. (2009.) - GLIC ID: 710

Health law's kaleidoscope : health law rights in a global age / Belinda Bennett. (c2008.) by Bennett, Belinda. - GLIC ID: 270

Health rights / edited by Michael J. Selgelid and Thomas Pogge. (2010) - GLIC ID: 1209

Heaven forbid : an international legal analysis of religious discrimination / Anne-Marie Mooney Cotter. (c2009.) by Cotter, Anne-Marie Mooney - GLIC ID: 526

Highest courts and the internationalisation of law : challenges and changes / edited by Sam Muller and Marc Loth ; assistant editor, Jantine de Goei. (c2009.) - GLIC ID: 261

Honouring social justice : honouring Dianne Martin / edited by Margaret E. Beare. (c2008.) - GLIC ID: 658

Hsiao chʻu chung tsu chʻi shih wei yüan hui i shih kuei tse = Rules of procedure of the Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination = Règlement intérieur du Comité pour lʾélimination de la discrimination raciale = Pravila prot︠s︡edury Komiteta po likvidat︠s︡il rasovoĭ diskriminatsii = Reglamento del Comité para la Eliminación de la Discriminación Racial (1986.) - GLIC ID: 1307

Human health and ecological integrity : ethics, law and human rights (2012) - GLIC ID: 1089

Human rights / by Louis Henkin ... [et al.]. (2009.) - GLIC ID: 385

Human rights : an international and comparative law bibliography / compiled and edited by Julian R. Friedman and Marc I. Sherman. (1985) - GLIC ID: 1235

Human rights : group defamation, freedom of expression, and the law of nations / by Thomas David Jones. (c1998.) by Jones, Thomas David - GLIC ID: 615

Human rights and migrant domestic work : a comparative analysis of the socio-legal status of Filipina migrant domestic workers in Canada and Hong Kong / by Maria Deanna P. Santos. (2005.) by Santos, Maria Deanna P. - GLIC ID: 978

Human rights and the administration of justice : international instruments / edited by Christopher Gane and Mark Mackarel. (1997) - GLIC ID: 1225

Human rights and the environment : cases, law, and policy / Svitlana Kravchenko, John E. Bonine. (c2008.) by Kravchenko, Svitlana. - GLIC ID: 895

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