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Copyright / edited by Christopher S. Yoo. (2011.) - GLIC ID: 1335

Copyright Infringement (1998) by Dennis Campbell, Susan Cotter - GLIC ID: 85

Copyright and popular media : liberal villains and technological change / Trajce Cvetkovski, University of Queensland, Australia. (2013) by Cvetkovski, Trajce - GLIC ID: 1328

Copyright and the challenge of the new / editors, Brad Sherman, Leanne Wiseman. (c2012.) - GLIC ID: 1323

Copyright and the public interest / Gillian Davies. (c1994.) by Davies, Gillian. - GLIC ID: 1327

Copyright in international relations : international protection of literary and scientific works / by M. M. Boguslavsky ; translated from the Russian by N. Poulet ; edited by David Catterns. (1979.) by Boguslavskii╠ć, M. M. (Mark Moiseevich) - GLIC ID: 1330

Copyright in the cultural industries / edited by Ruth Towse. (c2002.) - GLIC ID: 1324

Copyright law : a handbook of contemporary research / edited by Paul Torremans. (c2007.) - GLIC ID: 1331

Copyright law in the United Kingdom and the European Community (1990) by Stone, Peter, - GLIC ID: 1430

Copyright throughout the world / by Silke von Lewinski [editor] and international contributors. (c2008-) - GLIC ID: 177

Copyright, communication and culture : towards a relational theory of copyright law / Carys J. Craig. (c2011.) by Craig, Carys. - GLIC ID: 1332

Copyrighting culture : the political economy of intellectual property / Ronald V. Bettig. (1996.) by Bettig, Ronald V. - GLIC ID: 1329

EU digital copyright law and the end-user (2008) by Mazziotti, Giuseppe, - GLIC ID: 1429

Interfaces on trial : intellectual property and interoperability in the global software industry / Jonathan Band and Masanobu Katoh. (1995.) by Band, Jonathan. - GLIC ID: 592

International protection of performers' rights / Owen Morgan. (2002.) by Morgan, Owen - GLIC ID: 596

International study on the impact of copyright law on digital preservation : a joint report of the Library of Congress National Digital Information Infrastructure and Preservation Program, the Joint Information Systems Committee, the Open Access to Knowledge (OAK) Law Project, the Surf Foundation. (2008.) - GLIC ID: 391

Re-thinking intellectual property : the political economy of copyright protection in the digital era / YiJun Tian. (2009.) by Tian, YiJun. - GLIC ID: 1167

Research handbook on the future of EU copyright (2009.) - GLIC ID: 1404

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  • Jurisdiction: European Union
  • Publication: Cheltenham, UK
  • Location: LL-STACKS

The law of international copyright : with special sections on the colonies and the United States of America / by William Briggs. (1986) by Briggs, William - GLIC ID: 580

World copyright law : protection of authors' works, performances, phonograms, films, video, broadcasts, and published editions in national, international, and regional law / by J.A.L. Sterling. (2008.) by Sterling, J. A. L. - GLIC ID: 826