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Comparative constitutional process; cases and materials; fundamental rights in the common law nations, by Thomas M. Franck. ([1968]) by Franck, Thomas M. - GLIC ID: 1007

Comparative criminal procedure : history, processes and case studies / Raneta Lawson Mack. (2008.) by Mack, Raneta Lawson - GLIC ID: 909

Comparative human rights law : detention, prosecution, capital punishment / by Arthur Mark Weisburd. (c2008.) by Weisburd, Arthur Mark - GLIC ID: 998

Criminal procedure : a worldwide study / edited by Craig M. Bradley. (c1999.) - GLIC ID: 994

Essential cases on human rights for the police : reviews and summaries of international cases / by Ralph Crawshaw, Leif Holmströ̈m. (c2006.) by Crawshaw, Ralph. - GLIC ID: 993

The judicial role in criminal proceedings / edited by Sean Doran and John D. Jackson. (2000.) - GLIC ID: 995

The protection of human rights in the criminal process under international instruments and national constitutions : a study project under the direction of Cherif Bassiouni / by Sandra Hertzberg, Carmela Zammuto. (1981.) by Hertzberg, Sandra. - GLIC ID: 1008