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Combating trafficking in persons. ([2009]) - GLIC ID: 260

Defining human trafficking and identifying its victims : a study on the impact and future challenges of international, European and Finnish legal responses to prostitution-related trafficking in human beings / edited by Venla Roth. (2012) by Roth, Venla. - GLIC ID: 1101

Due diligence and its application to protect women from violence / edited by Carin Benninger-Budel. (2008.) - GLIC ID: 456

From bondage to freedom : an analysis of International legal regime on human trafficking (2006) by Kinnu, Gunjan. - GLIC ID: 1102

Human trafficking : exploring the international nature, concerns, and complexities (2012) by John Winterdyk, Philip Reichel, Benjamin Perrin - GLIC ID: 1099

The international law of human trafficking (2010) by Gallagher, Anne, High Commissioner. - GLIC ID: 1100