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A coursebook in international intellectual property / by Doris Estelle Long, Anthony D'Amato. (2000.) by Long, Doris E. - GLIC ID: 574

Basics of international intellectual property law / G. Gregory Letterman. (c2001.) by Letterman, G. Gregory - GLIC ID: 569

Biotechnology IP & ethics / [edited by] E. Richard Gold, Bartha Maria Knoppers. (c2009.) - GLIC ID: 394

Copyright and popular media : liberal villains and technological change / Trajce Cvetkovski, University of Queensland, Australia. (2013) by Cvetkovski, Trajce - GLIC ID: 1328

Driving innovation : intellectual property strategies for a dynamic world / Michael A. Gollin. (2008) by Gollin, Michael A. - GLIC ID: 1168

Economics of intellectual property law / edited by Robert P. Merges. (c2007.) - GLIC ID: 761

  • Control Number: 2007933051 (Call Number: K1401 .E269 2007).
  • Subject: Intellectual property (United States).
  • Publication: Cheltenham, UK : Northampton, MA :
  • Location: LL-STACKS

IP client strategies in the Middle East and Africa : leading lawyers on understanding recent developments and proposed changes, managing client expectations, and recognizing regional influences on intellectual property law / [Saʼar Plinner ... et al.]. (c2009.) - GLIC ID: 572

  • Control Number: 2010288143 (Call Number: K1401 .I64 2009).
  • Subject: Intellectual property (Israel, Nigeria, South Africa).
  • Publication: [Boston, Mass.] :
  • Location: LL-STACKS

Implementing the World Intellectual Property Organization's development agenda / editor, Jermy de Beer. (c2009.) - GLIC ID: 167

Intellectual property & free trade agreements / edited by Christopher Heath and Anselm Kamperman Sanders. (2007.) - GLIC ID: 600

Intellectual property and traditional cultural expressions in a digital environment / edited by Christoph Beat Graber and Mira Burri-Nenova. (c2008.) - GLIC ID: 701

Intellectual property policy reform : fostering innovation and development / edited by Christopher Arup and William van Caenagem. (c2009.) - GLIC ID: 353

Intellectual property protection in the Asia-Pacific region : a comparative study / Paul C.B. Liu and Andy Y. Sun. ([1996]) by Liu, Jiangbin - GLIC ID: 570

Intellectual property rights in the global economy / Keith E. Maskus. (c2000.) by Maskus, Keith Eugene - GLIC ID: 581

Intellectual property rights under globalisation / [edited by] Talwar Sabanna. (2006.) - GLIC ID: 584

Intellectual property rights, innovation and software technologies : the economics of monopoly rights and knowledge disclosure / Elad Harrison. (c2008.) by Harison, Elad. - GLIC ID: 810

Intellectual property, market power and the public interest / Inge Govaere & Hanns Ullrich, eds. (c2008.) - GLIC ID: 881

Intellectual property, public policy and international trade / Inge Govaere & Hanns Ullrich (eds.). (2007) - GLIC ID: 1194

International Seminar on Intellectual Property Education and Research, November 16-17, 2006 : seminar presentations. (2006.) - GLIC ID: 772

International intellectual property : problems, cases, and materials / by Daniel C.K. Chow, Edward Lee. (c2006.) by Chow, Daniel C. K. - GLIC ID: 595

International intellectual property law. Global jurisdictions / general editor, Dennis Campbell ; editor, Susan Cotter. (1996.) - GLIC ID: 576

International intellectual property law. New developments / general editor, Dennis Campbell ; editor, Susan Cotter. (1995.) - GLIC ID: 577

International trade and intellectual property : the search for a balanced system / edited by George R. Stewart, Myra J. Tawfik, and Maureen Irish. (c1994.) - GLIC ID: 571

International, United States, and European intellectual property / F. Scott Kieff, Ralph Nack. ([c2006]) by Kieff, F.Scott. - GLIC ID: 582

Property outlaws : how squatters, pirates, and protesters improve the law of ownership / Eduardo Moisés Peñalver, Sonia K. Katyal. (c2010.) by Peñalver, Eduardo Moisés, 1973- - GLIC ID: 679

Re-thinking intellectual property : the political economy of copyright protection in the digital era / YiJun Tian. (2009.) by Tian, YiJun. - GLIC ID: 1167

Terms of use : negotiating the jungle of the intellectual commons / Eva Hemmungs Wirtén. (c2008.) by Hemmungs Wirtén, Eva. - GLIC ID: 779

The global challenge of intellectual property rights / edited by Robert C. Bird and Subhash C. Jain. (c2008.) - GLIC ID: 598

The interface between intellectual property rights and competition policy / edited by Steven D. Anderman. (2007.) - GLIC ID: 578

The international political economy of intellectual property rights / Meir Perez Pugatch. (c2004.) by Pugatch, Meir Perez. - GLIC ID: 589

The public domain : enclosing the commons of the mind / James Boyle. (2008) by Boyle, James - GLIC ID: 507