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Child labour in relation to compulsory education; a ILO report. (1951) - GLIC ID: 1283

International and comparative labour law : current challenges / Arturo Bronstein. (2009.) by Bronstein, Arturo S. - GLIC ID: 395

International framework agreements and fundamental social rights : are international framework agreements an effective instrument for ensuring (core) labour standards throughout global supply chains? / Gijs van Wezenbeek. (2009.) by Wezenbeek, Gijs van. - GLIC ID: 191

International labor and employment law / editors, Philip M. Berkowitz, Anders Etgen Reitz, Thomas Muller-Bonanni. (c2008.) - GLIC ID: 894

International labour law / by Jean-Michel Servais. (c2009.) by Servais, Jean-Michel. - GLIC ID: 736