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Basic international law documents on corruption, money-laundering, trans-organized crimes, and terrorism. ([2006?]) - GLIC ID: 365

Due process and international terrorism / by Roza Pati. (2009.) by Pati, Roza. - GLIC ID: 527

Fighting terrorism through multilevel criminal legislation : Security Council Resolution 1373, the EU framework decision on combating terrorism and their implementation in Nordic, Dutch and German criminal law (null) by Husabø, Erling Johannes. - GLIC ID: 1389

Fundamentals of counterterrorism / Amos N. Guiora. (c2008.) by Guiora, Amos N. - GLIC ID: 880

Security, terrorism, and torture : detainees rights in South Africa and Israel: a comparative study (1984) by Rudolph, Harold. - GLIC ID: 1512

Self-defence as a fundamental principle / edited by Arthur Eyffinger, Alan Stephens, Sam Muller. (c2009.) - GLIC ID: 422

Terror detentions and the rule of law : US and UK perspectives (2014) by Wagstaff, Robert H. - GLIC ID: 1453