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New Legislation for Administrative Reorganization of the State (September 09, 2015) by Dante Figueroa

On August 28, 2015, new legislation providing for a comprehensive reorganization of the public administration entered ...

Topic: Accounting and auditing; Corruption; Employee benefits; Executive agencies; Executive powers; Internet; Officials and employees; State and local government
Jurisdiction: Italy

President Adopts Laws on Elections, Traditional Leaders (September 08, 2015) by Constance Johnson

The President of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), Joseph Kabila, issued two laws on ...

Topic: Constitution; Customary law; Elections and politics; Executive powers
Jurisdiction: Congo, The Democratic Republic of the

Proposal to Resurrect Law Against Insulting President (August 14, 2015) by Constance Johnson

Indonesia's President Joko Widodo has recently proposed reviving a provision that criminalizes insulting the president. ...

Topic: Civil rights and liberties; Crime and law enforcement; Executive powers; Freedom of speech
Jurisdiction: Indonesia

State of Emergency Declared (July 08, 2015) by Constance Johnson

On July 4, 2015, following the June 26 terrorist attack in Tunisia's beach resort city of ...

Topic: Civil disturbances; Civil rights and liberties; Executive powers; National security; Terrorism
Jurisdiction: Tunisia

New Law on Travel Agencies Partially Vetoed (May 28, 2014) by Eduardo Soares

Brazilian President Dilma Roussef vetoed one-half of the articles of Law No. 12,974 of May 15, ...

Topic: Consumer protection; Executive powers; Tourism
Jurisdiction: Brazil

Draft Amnesty Law Approved by House Likely to Be Turned Down by Senate (November 12, 2013) by Wendy Zeldin

On November 1, 2013, Thailand's House of Representatives approved legislation that would grant amnesty for crimes ...

Topic: Corruption; Executive powers
Jurisdiction: Thailand

Government Promulgates Federal Penal Reform on Pardons (November 08, 2013) by Norma Gutierrez

The Mexican government recently promulgated a decree adding a new article to the Federal Penal Code. ...

Topic: Criminal procedure; Executive powers
Jurisdiction: Mexico

Court Upholds Government Decision to Release Convicted Palestinians (August 27, 2013) by Ruth Levush

On August 11, 2013, the Israeli High Court of Justice rejected a petition by Almagor, ...

Topic: Executive power; Terrorism
Jurisdiction: Israel

Lithuania in Charge of European Council Presidency (July 12, 2013) by Theresa Papademetriou

On July 1, 2013, Lithuania assumed the rotating Presidency of the European Council for the first ...

Topic: Executive power
Jurisdiction: European Union; Lithuania

Ireland Holds the Presidency of the European Council (January 31, 2013) by Theresa Papademetriou

On January 1, 2013, Ireland assumed the Presidency of the European Council, a postion that rotates ...

Topic: Executive power
Jurisdiction: European Union

President Vetoes Major Legislation (July 12, 2012) by Hanibal Goitom

On June 25, 2012, Mwai Kibaki, President of Kenya, vetoed the Statute Law (Miscellaneous Amendments) ...

Topic: Executive power
Jurisdiction: Kenya

New Law to Allow Prime Minister to Select Political Appointees (May 10, 2012) by George Sadek

On May 8, 2012, the Moroccan Parliament approved a new law that grants the Prime Minister ...

Topic: Executive power
Jurisdiction: Morocco

House of Representatives to Consider Legislation on Appointment of Ministers (November 14, 2011) by Hanibal Goitom

On November 8, 2011, it was reported that the lower house of Nigeria's National Assembly will ...

Topic: Executive power
Jurisdiction: Nigeria

Intelligence May Not Be Kept from Parliament (August 05, 2009) by Constance Johnson

On July 30, 2009, the Federal Constitutional Court of Germany ruled that the government intelligence service ...

Topic: Executive power
Jurisdiction: Germany

Consolidation of Administrative Powers in Executive Branch (July 27, 2009) by Dante Figueroa

A new law issued on March 17, 2009, amends Venezuela's Organic Law on the Decentralization, Delimitation, ...

Topic: Executive power
Jurisdiction: Venezuela

Supreme Court Communiqué on Replacement of President (July 09, 2009) by Constance Johnson

The Honduran Supreme Court of Justice (SCJ) issued an undated special communiqué on the subject of ...

Topic: Executive power
Jurisdiction: Honduras

Federal Court Rules State Secrets Privilege No Bar to Bringing Complaint (May 08, 2009) by John Cannan

On April 28, 2009, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit ruled that the ...

Topic: Executive power
Jurisdiction: United States

Law on Annual Presidential State of the Nation Address (February 20, 2009) by Hanibal Goitom

On February 19, 2009, the Nigerian Senate approved the Bill for an Act to Enshrine an ...

Topic: Executive power
Jurisdiction: Nigeria

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