Celtic Roots: Stories, Songs and Traditions from Across the Sea

ACTIVITIES: Game for Kids!

(1) What in the world are you saying?

See if you can match each Irish saying with its meaning:

1. Dead on
2. Fairly lively
3. Fair play to you
4. Get on like a house on fire
5. Handy with his feet
6. I've got a mouth on me
7. Pull your socks up
8. What about ye

A. Approval for someone
B. Get along well with someone
C. Get to work
D. Good dancer
E. Great, perfect
F. How are you
G. I'm hungry
H. With great haste

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(2) Can You Speak Irish?

Although they speak English in Ireland, you may not always understand what is being said.
See if you can match each Irish word with its meaning.

1. Biscuit
2. Bolt
3. Chinwag
4. Crisps
5. Deadly
6. Dodder
7. Flicks
8. Gravy Ring
9. Holliers
10. Ice Lolly
11. Jammy
12. Messages
13. Perishing
14. Poke
15. Scratcher
16. Snapper
17. Strand
18. Sweets
A. Baby, Child
B. Beach
C. Bed
D. Candy
E. Chat
F. Cookie
G. Cool, Great
H. Doughnut
I. Freezing
J. Groceries
K. Ice Cream Cone
L. Lucky
M. Movies
N. Popscicle
O. Potato Chips
P. Run Fast
Q. Vacations
R. Waste Time

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