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The holder of the Chair of Modern Culture, selected and appointed by the Librarian of Congress, focuses on modern arts and media and their impact on societal development, using the Library's immense music, film, architecture, literature, multi-media and folklore collections.

Chair Holders

Emiko Ohnuki-Tierney
Lecture: “Blooming Cherry Blossoms, Falling Cherry Blossoms: Symbolism of the Flower in Japanese Culture and History
Lecture: “How Do Flowers Kill? - The Japanese Emperor and Modern Dictators

Kay Kaufman Shelemay
Lecture: “Music in the Ethiopian American Diaspora: A Preliminary Overview

Shigemi Inaga
Lecture: “Modern Japanese Arts and Crafts in Kyoto: From Asai Chu to Yagi Kazuo

Cecelia Tichi
Lecture: “Justice, Not Pity: Julia Lathrop, First Chief of the U.S. Children’s Bureau
Book Talk: “Civic Passions: Seven Who Launched Progressive America

Vaclav Havel
Lecture: “The emperor has no clothes
Library of Coungress Information Bulletin article
Forum: “Vaclav Havel: Dissidents and Freedom

Vyacheslav Vsevolodovich Ivanov

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