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The holder of the Papamarkou Chair in Education, selected and appointed by the Librarian of Congress, focuses on the Library's role in education, especially on the interaction between the new electronic and traditional artifactual knowledge.

Chair Holders

David Levy
Lecture: "Mindful work and technology"
Lecture: "Reading: From the Fixed Page to Movable Electrons"

Derrick de Kerckhove
Lecture: “I sing the body electric
Lectures: Digital Natives Series, a 4-part series on “Managing Knowledge and Creativity in a Digital Context” with Derrick de Kerckhove, moderator

  1. "Elizabeth Ackermann on digital natives"
    [ Webcast ]
  2. "Everything Bad is Good for You" with Steven Berlin Johnson
    [ Webcast ]
  3. "Anthropology of YouTube" with Michael Wesch
    [ Webcast (external link) ]
  4. "Open Source Reality" with Douglas Rushkoff
    [ Webcast ]

Libby Larsen
Lecture: “The concert hall that fell asleep and woke up as a car radio

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