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The holder of the Chair of the Countries and Cultures of the South, selected and appointed by the Librarian of Congress, focuses on the regions of Africa, Latin America, the Middle East, South and Southeast Asia, and the islands of the Pacific including Australia and New Zealand, using the immense foreign language collections in the specialized reading rooms of the Jefferson Building.

Chair Holders

Celso Lafer

Christopher Bayly

Lamin Sanneh
Lecture: “The changing face of Christianity: Africa, the West and the world
[ Webcast ]

Lecture: “Sacred truth and secular agency: Shaí'ah norms and political enforcement
[ Webcast ]

Romila Thapar
Lecture: “The Bible in American Public Life, 1860-2005

Symposium Program (including webcast): “Stories of our nations, footprints of our souls: History textbooks in middle schools and high schools

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2008 Kluge Prize Announcements
Webcast: 2008 Kluge Prize Ceremony

Lecture: "Perceptions of the Past in Early India"
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Library of Congress Information Bulletin article

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