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Lecture: "Kim Jong-il and North Korean Films," Suk-Young Kim

June 26, 12:00 Noon (LJ-119, Thomas Jefferson Building) [view map]

The world’s understanding of Kim Jong-il is often linked to his personal obsession with film, but little is known about how and why film serves as a window through which the outside world can have a glimpse of the enigmatic North Korean leader. This talk explores Kim Jong-il’s relationship with film on various levels, such as the filial duty to protect his father’s legacy and desire to gain political capital through artistic achievement on both domestic and international fronts. Rarely seen film clips selected from a wide variety of genres, such as political propaganda, family melodrama, musical, children’s animation, and Hong Kong style martial arts films will be shown.

Request ASL and ADA accommodations five days in advance. Telephone: 202.707.6362 or Email: ADA@loc.gov


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