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WHEREAS, The Kluge Center in the Library of Congress makes clear the need for strong links between the Library and the scholarly world; and

WHEREAS, It is desirable that there be a continuing institutional group to advise the Library on scholarly issues; and

WHEREAS, It is desirable that there be a continuing institutional group to recommend to the Librarian of Congress candidates for scholarly Chairs at the Library and for the Kluge Prize; and

WHEREAS, It is mutually desirable that the scholarly staff of the Library and active scholars from the intellectual community broadly scattered around the country and the world have more frequent opportunities to interact with each other;

Now therefore,

The Library of Congress establishes a Scholars Council with the following responsibilities and privileges:

Members of the Scholars Council will be appointed by the Librarian of Congress. Members may be of any nationality. It is desirable that the Council be diverse in disciplinary background and international in composition.

The usual term of appointment will be for five years, except that the first appointments will be made in three groups of five appointees each -- one group for one year, one for three years, and one for five years. This will ensure a schedule of rotation in the future with new appointments being made every other year. Should illness or other impediments prevent a member from serving a full term, the Librarian will appoint another person to fulfill the balance of that term.

Members of the Scholars Council may be reappointed once.

Members of the Council will receive an annual honorarium. They will participate in one annual two-day meeting at the Library of Congress (for which transportation and accommodation will be provided), and they will be available throughout the year to provide advice, comment, and assistance. They may also serve on selection panels for post- doctoral Fellows in the Kluge Center.

The Council will recommend to the Librarian appointees to the Kluge Chairs, recipients of the Kluge Prize, and such other scholarly appointments as the Librarian may request.

Members of the Council will advise the Librarian regularly on trends and developments in their own fields of inquiry in relation to the Library's collections, conferences, exhibitions, and other programmatic possibilities.

Members of the Council will be encouraged at their convenience to spend time at the Library for research and meetings with the scholarly staff of the Library, and will have available to them the facilities of the Kluge Center whenever they are in Washington.

Responsibility for implementing the charter provisions of the Kluge Center, the Scholars Council, and the Kluge Prize shall be assigned by the Librarian to an appropriate office of the Library.

All Scholars and Fellows of the Kluge Center shall adhere to the intent and provisions of this charter and all relevant Library of Congress regulations during their term of appointment. All appointments are for full-time residence at the Library with any continuing outside activities (except scholarly use of other resources and institutions in the Washington area) to be kept at a minimum to insure focus on scholarship in the Library and interchange with Congress. The Librarian of Congress reserves the right to rescind the appointment of anyone who does not adhere to these conditions.

The Librarian of Congress has sole discretion with regard to amending this Charter. Any amendments to this Charter will be discussed with the Scholars Council and will be consistent with the Donor's intent and the acceptance by the Library of Congress Trust Fund Board of the gift.

Established upon ratification by the Library of Congress Trust Fund Board and acceptance by the Joint Committee on the Library of the Congress of the United States of America.

James H. Billington
The Librarian of Congress
October 5, 2000

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