The Warren and Margot Coville Collection of Photographs from the
Clarence H. White School of Photography

Date: October 11, 2001
Speakers: Warren Coville and Kathy Erwin

View the cybercast of Warren Coville's and Kathy Erwin's lecture

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Warren Coville describes his experience collecting works by photographers associated with this influential, but historically under-appreciated school. Joining him is Kathy Erwin, Curator of the Coville Collection. She discusses her research toward locating and documenting the students of the Clarence H. White School of Photography.

Founded in 1914, the Clarence H. White School of Photography was the first in America to teach photography as a creative art form. Influenced by Impressionist paintings and the art of Whistler, White introduced the principles of fine art into photojournalism. Students of the school included such well-known photographers as Dorothea Lange, Laura Gilpin, Karl Struss, Ralph Steiner, Margaret Watkins, and Margaret Bourke-White.

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