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"The Herb Garden at the National Arboretum": Jim Adams
Event Date: March 1, 2003

A lecture by Jim Adams, Curator of the National Herb Garden of the National Arboretum was Sponsored by the Science, Technology and Business Division and the Library of Congress Professional Association as part of Science, Tech and Business Mid Day Lecture Series on March 1, 2003. Mr. Adams talked about the uses of herbs and showed many slides to illustrate his talk.

Jim Adams was named Curator of the National Herb Garden, National Arboretum,in 1997 and has been at the National Arboretum since 1993 in other positions, including assistant curator of Fern Valley. He is originally from Dearborn Heights Michigan, and received a B.S. in Horticulture from Michigan State University. He has held internships at the Chicago Botanic Garden, Longwood Gardens, and Scott Arboretum. He is active locally in Trees for Capitol Hill.

The Garden is the largest designed herb garden in the world and has a collection of about 800 species of "useful" plants. It was dedicated in 1981 as a gift from the Herb Society of America to the people of the United States. The Garden is made up of three major areas: an entrance-garden with a knot garden and two arbors, an antique and heritage rose garden, and ten theme gardens.

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