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Globalization and Minorities in Muslim Societies*

Library of Congress
Friday, January 30, 2001

Six participants discuss the impact of globalization on some of the ethnic and religious minorities in Muslim countries including
the Baha'is, the Kurds, the Copts, the Southern Sudanese, and the Armenians.

Panels and Topics

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Carolyn Brown
, Assistant Librarian for Library Services and Acting Director, Area Studies Collections. Library ofCongress "Introductory Remarks"

Panel I: Minorities: Trends and Regional Patterns

Introductions by Mary-Jane Deeb, Arab World Area Specialist, Library of Congress (Chair)

Majid Fakhry, Professor Emeritus of Islamic Philosophy, American Universlyu of Beirut, and Adjunct Professor, Georgetown University, "Globalization and Religious Minorities in Islam"

Dunstan Wai, Senior Advisor, Operational Core Services, the Vice Presidency, The World Bank, "The Impact of Globalization on Minorities in Eastern Africa"

Magda Gohar-Chrobog, Public Policy Scholar, Woodrow Wilsion International Center for Scholars, "Religious Diversity: Threat of Security for Middle East Societies? A Sociological and Historical Study-the Case of Egypt"

Panel II: Minorities: Case Studies

Introductions by Prosser Gifford, Director of Scholarly Programs, Library of Congress (Chair)

Suheil Bushrui
, Baha'i Chair for World Peace, University of Maryland, "Globalization and the Baha'i Community in the Muslim World"

Claire Mouradian, Research Professor, National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS) Paris, "The Karabagh Issue, Ethnic Conflict or Decolonization Crisis?"

Edmund Ghareeb, Specialist on the Kurdish Question, Adjunct Professor, American University, Washington, DC, "The Kurdish Question in the Middle East: An Overview"

*Made possible with the support of the Rockefeller Foundation

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