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"Science Safari"
Event Date: March 18, 2003

On March 18 2003, the Science, Technology and Business Division sponsored an event hosting top science and mathematics teachers from across the country who performed experiments and demonstrations to celebrate Excellence in Science, Technology, and Mathematics Education (ESTME) Week at the Library of Congress for a group of teachers, students and their parents. Nine Albert Einstein fellows, teachers from across the county, provided experiments with flotation and density, making hovercrafts using CD's and balloons, and using sonic range finders to walk lines graphed in time and space. The interactive activities ranged from elementary to high school and can be adapted for various age groups and can been tested in the classroom.

The Library of Congress has been collecting books on science, technology and mathematics since its inception in 1800. When the Library purchased Thomas Jefferson's library--after the British burned the Capitol in 1814--it had the seeds of a collection rich in the sciences. Jefferson, in addition to being our third President, was an inventor, a horticulturalist, an architect--very much a scientist in his own right--and one who believed in "hands on" learning--learning by doing, by experimenting--and by writing down his observations and the results of his experiments.

This event was designed to encourage learning by doing, by observation, experimentation--by getting hands and heads involved, and by collaboration with fellow students, teachers and parents.

ESTME Week is intended launch a nationwide public relations initiative that will excite K-12 students about the wealth of opportunities for discovery , and exploration afforded through math and science education.

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