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  • Poushkin Society in America records, 1931-1955

    Society celebrating poet Aleksandr Sergeevich Puskin. Correspondence, minutes, programs, literary contest essays, clippings, an index to Pushkin's Boris Godunov, photographs, and other records relating chiefly to Pushkin and the formation and history ...

    • Contributor: Poushkin Society in America
    • Original Format: Manuscripts/Mixed Material
  • Nikolay Karlovich Medtner papers, 1826-1954

    Nikolay Medtner was a Russian-born pianist and composer. The collection documents Medtner's personal life and career and includes correspondence, programs, articles, reviews, clippings, photographs, books with Medtner's annotations, three manuscript scores in ...

    • Contributor: Medtner, Nikolay Karlovich
    • Original Format: Manuscripts/Mixed Material
  • Dmitriĭ Antonovich Volkogonov papers, 1887-1995

    Military historian, member of the Russian parliament, and advisor to the president of the Russian Federation. Copies of correspondence, memoranda, articles, texts of speeches, interviews, personal testimonies, investigative and other reports, official ...

    • Contributor: Volkogonov, Dmitriĭ Antonovich - Volkogonov, Dmitriĭ Antonovich
    • Original Format: Manuscripts/Mixed Material
  • Jacobo Ficher Collection

    Russian composer Jacobo Ficher (1896-1978) became significantly associated with Argentine music of the twentieth century after moving to South America in 1923. In addition to composing, he developed a brilliant career as ...

    • Original Format: Manuscripts/Mixed Material
  • Serge Diaghilev/Serge Lifar Collection, 1750-1950

    Serge Diaghilev had a profound influence on music, ballet and art in the twentieth century. His musical interests, as demonstrated in this collection, spanned a range of styles; much of the material ...

    • Original Format: Manuscripts/Mixed Material
  • Leontiĭ, Metropolitan of All America and Canada, papers, 1855-1962

    Head of the Russian Orthodox Greek Catholic Church of America. Chiefly bound volumes of diaries and correspondence records listing outgoing letters (1921-1960), documenting Leontiĭ's role as an educator, editor of the Russian ...

    • Contributor: Leontiĭ, Metropolitan of All America and Canada - Leontii
    • Original Format: Manuscripts/Mixed Material
  • Russia miscellany, 1759-1928

    Miscellaneous documents relating to various topics. Includes manuscript of thanksgiving service for victory of Russian troops over King of Prussia at Frankfort am Main, Germay, 1759; letters in German relating to the ...

    • Original Format: Manuscripts/Mixed Material
  • Nikolai Lopatnikoff Collection, 1916-1979

    Russian-born composer Nikolai Lopatnikoff (1903-1976) studied in Germany and began his career there before fleeing Europe in 1939. He first settled in New York before joining the faculty of the Carnegie Institute ...

    • Original Format: Manuscripts/Mixed Material
  • Peter A. Demens papers, 1880-2000

    Author, businessman, railroad promoter, and entrepreneur. Notebooks, scrapbooks, correspondence, and articles mostly relating to Demens's authorship of articles for the Russian journal Viestnik Evropy and Russian and American newspapers on events in ...

    • Contributor: Demens, Peter A. - Tverskoĭ, P. A.
    • Original Format: Manuscripts/Mixed Material
  • Joseph Brodsky correspondence, 1965-1972

    Poet. Letters from Brodsky to Kira Fedorovna Samosiuk including Brodsky's poetry and drawings.

    • Contributor: Brodsky, Joseph
    • Original Format: Manuscripts/Mixed Material
  • Russian Orthodox Greek Catholic Church of America. Diocese of Alaska records, 1733-1938

    Principally ecclesiastical records relating to the administration of the numerous parishes and chapels of the Russian Orthodox Church in Alaska, and, to a lesser extent, in Canada and the United States, comprising ...

    • Contributor: Russian Orthodox Greek Catholic Church of America. Diocese of Alaska
    • Original Format: Manuscripts/Mixed Material
  • Gizella Lakhman papers, 1883-1969

    Poet, translator, and bibliographer. Correspondence, poems, translations, newspaper clippings, a scrapbook, printed matter, and other material relating to Lakhman's interests.

    • Contributor: Lakhman, Gizella
    • Original Format: Manuscripts/Mixed Material
  • Sergei Zhirkevich photograph collection, 1980-1998

    Collection consists of 28 black-and-white photographic prints and 46 pages of diary excerpts written in the field by Sergei Zhirkevich, who documented music, dance, religious traditions (processions, Shrovetide customs) and rural life ...

    • Contributor: Zhirkevich, Serge
    • Original Format: Manuscripts/Mixed Material
  • Yudin collection of Russian-American Company records, 1783-1946

    Official letters, work reports, tariff and cargo registers, ships' journals, accounts of exploratory expeditions, and other papers relating to the exploration and colonization of Alaska and Siberia by the Russian-American Company (Rossiĭsko-amerikanskai︠a︡ ...

    • Contributor: I︠U︡Din, G. V. (Gennadiĭ VasilʹEvich) - I︠U︡Din, G. V.
    • Original Format: Manuscripts/Mixed Material
  • Vozdushnye puti records, 1923-1967

    Correspondence, writings, editorial records, clippings, printed matter annotated sheet music, photographs, negatives, and miscellaneous material relating to Vozdushnye Puti (Aerial Ways), a journal of Russian literary criticism.

    • Original Format: Manuscripts/Mixed Material
  • Serge Koussevitzky Archive, 1920-1976

    Through his work as a conductor and publisher and his efforts to commission new musical works, Serge Koussevitzky (1874-1951) maintained deep ties with many of the finest composers and musicians of the ...

    • Original Format: Manuscripts/Mixed Material
  • Adolph Bolm Collection, 1895-1982

    Adolph Bolm (Adol'f Rudol'fovich Bolm; born 25 September 1884 in Saint Petersburg, died 18 April 1951 in Hollywood, California), Russian-American ballet dancer, teacher, and choreographer, joined the corps de ballet of the ...

    • Original Format: Manuscripts/Mixed Material
  • George Zoritch Collection

    The George Zoritch Collection of photographs, periodicals, programs, clippings, and articles documents the post-Diaghilev era of early twentieth-century ballet. Zoritch danced with all of the companies that were successors to Diaghilev's Ballets ...

    • Original Format: Manuscripts/Mixed Material
  • Boris Koutzen Collection, 1889-2005

    Boris Koutzen (1901-1966) was born in Uman, Southern Russia. He began composing at the age of six and studied violin with his father. In 1918 his family moved to Moscow, where Boris ...

    • Original Format: Manuscripts/Mixed Material
  • Eusebia Hunkins Collection

    Born in Troy, Ohio, Eusebia Simpson Hunkins studied piano and theory in Dayton until granted a fellowship from the Juilliard Foundation to do graduate work in New York. Her instructors at Juilliard ...

    • Original Format: Manuscripts/Mixed Material
  • Vladimir Ussachevsky Collection

    Vladimir Ussachevsky (1911-1990) was one of the first composers of electronic music in the 1950s. He immigrated from Manchuria in 1930 to the United States and received music degrees from Pasadena Junior ...

    • Original Format: Manuscripts/Mixed Material
  • Bronislava Nijinska Collection

    Bronislava Nijinska (Bronislava Fominichna Nizhinskaia; born 8 January 1891 [27 December 1890] in Minsk, Russia; died 21 February 1972 in Pacific Palisades, California) was a dancer, teacher, and a significant artist in ...

    • Original Format: Manuscripts/Mixed Material
  • Sergei Rachmaninoff Archive

    Russian-born composer, pianist and conductor Sergei Rachmaninoff (1873-1943) achieved fame during his lifetime for his lyrical and expressive works (including three symphonies, four piano concerti, several operas, dozens of solo piano works ...

    • Original Format: Manuscripts/Mixed Material
  • Nikolay Karlovich Medtner Papers, 1826-1954

    Russian-born composer and pianist Nikolai Medtner (1880-1951) sought to create works that incorporated elements of both Classical and Romantic musical styles. While he primarily composed works for solo piano, he also produced ...

    • Original Format: Manuscripts/Mixed Material