• Malcolm Toon papers, 1946-1998

    Diplomat. Briefing books, correspondence, photographs, printed matter, proceedings, and reports regarding Toon's service on the United States-Russia Joint Commission on POW/MIA Affairs.

    • Contributor: Toon, Malcolm
    • Original Format: Manuscripts/Mixed Material
  • Frederic Eugene Ives and Herbert Eugene Ives papers, 1869-1957

    Inventor and photographer (Frederic Eugene Ives). Physicist and television pioneer (Herbert Eugene Ives). Correspondence, journals, speeches, articles, scrapbooks, patents, clippings, and other papers relating to the inventions of Frederic Ives and his son Herbert Eugene Ives.

    • Contributor: Ives, Frederic Eugene
    • Original Format: Manuscripts/Mixed Material
  • Herbert Corey papers, 1847-1954

    Journalist and author. Correspondence, diaries, datebooks, literary file, notebooks, press clippings, printed matter, photographs, and miscellaneous material relating chiefly to Corey's activities as a writer and journalist in Europe during World War I.

    • Contributor: Corey, Herbert
    • Original Format: Manuscripts/Mixed Material
  • Jack Kemp papers, 1924-2009

    United States cabinet officer, United States representative from New York, and football player. Chiefly correspondence, memoranda, speeches, statements, writings, legislative files, subject files, appointment books, scheduling files, press releases, newsletters, printed matter, clippings, and photographs documenting Kemp's career as a professional athlete and as a public official.

    • Contributor: Kemp, Jack
    • Original Format: Manuscripts/Mixed Material
  • Joseph R. Hawley papers, 1638-1906

    Army officer, editor and United States representative and senator from Connecticut. Correspondence, diaries, notebooks, drafts of speeches, business papers, and memorabilia relating to Hawley's personal and family life and to his business and political work.

    • Contributor: Hawley, Joseph R. (Joseph Roswell) - Hawley, Joseph R.
    • Original Format: Manuscripts/Mixed Material
  • John A.J. Creswell papers, 1819-1885

    Lawyer, congressman, senator, and postmaster general. General correspondence, letterbooks, account books, and scrapbooks concerning Creswell's law practice and political career in Maryland, his duties as adjutant general of Maryland, the military draft during the Civil War, the Maryland Constitutional Convention of 1867, and American claims regarding the Alabama.

    • Contributor: Creswell, John A. J. (John Angel James) - Creswell, John A. J.
    • Original Format: Manuscripts/Mixed Material
  • Benjamin Lincoln papers, 1778-1806

    United States secretary of war, army officer, and lieutenant governor of Massachusetts. Journals, correspondence, certificates, receipt, petition, and extract relating to Lincoln's travels from New York to take command of the Southern Department, Continental Army, at Charleston, South Carolina, and the siege of Savannah, Georgia.

    • Contributor: Lincoln, Benjamin
    • Original Format: Manuscripts/Mixed Material
  • Mark Sullivan papers, 1900-1935

    Journalist and author. Correspondence, writings, and other material relating to Sullivan's career as a journalist and author.

    • Contributor: Sullivan, Mark
    • Original Format: Manuscripts/Mixed Material
  • Joseph Sanford Wade papers, 1898-1955

    Zoologist and entomologist. Correspondence, notes, journals, and scientific and literary writings relating primarily to Wade's career as a scientist.

    • Contributor: Wade, Joseph Sanford
    • Original Format: Manuscripts/Mixed Material
  • George P. Merrill correspondence and autographs, 1803-1926

    Geologist. Autographs and letters from various scientists, especially geologists. Includes letters addressed to James Hall, F. V. Hayden, and others. Collected by Merrill while he was writing First One Hundred Years of American Geology (New Haven: Yale University Press, 1924).

    • Contributor: Merrill, George P. (George Perkins) - Merrill, George P.
    • Original Format: Manuscripts/Mixed Material
  • Jerauld Wright papers, 1853-1960

    Naval officer. Correspondence, reports, newspaper clippings, printed matter, photographs, and other papers relating to Wright's naval career especially during World War II and after.

    • Contributor: Wright, Jerauld
    • Original Format: Manuscripts/Mixed Material
  • Thomas Truxtun papers, 1796-1885

    United States Navy officer. Correspondence, property share, funeral announcement, and other printed matter relating to Truxtun's resignation from the United States Navy in 1802 and to his duties as sheriff of Philadelphia, Pa., also including an 1885 article on Truxtun's grandson, William Talbot Truxtun.

    • Contributor: Truxtun, Thomas
    • Original Format: Manuscripts/Mixed Material
  • Bernard A. Schriever papers, 1931-2005

    U.S. Air Force officer, aerospace consultant, and aviator. Correspondence, memoranda, reports, speeches, writings, subject files, and other papers relating to Schriever's career as a U.S. Air Force officer responsible for the research and development of the intercontinental ballistic missile and early military space programs and his post-military career as a corporate and government consultant.

    • Contributor: Schriever, Bernard A.
    • Original Format: Manuscripts/Mixed Material
  • William Zorach papers, 1822-1974

    Artist. Correspondence; speeches, articles, and books; lectures; sketches; newspaper clippings; financial records; printed material; subject files; and other papers relating principally to the creation, production, and sale of sculpture and paintings by Zorach and his fellow artists.

    • Contributor: Zorach, William
    • Original Format: Manuscripts/Mixed Material
  • Philipp Franz von Siebold papers, 1609-1927

    German physician, explorer, and scientist. Microfilm of correspondence, notes, memoranda, writings, reports, printed matter, and other papers consisting primarily of Siebold's notes and writings on the flora, fauna, geology, and meteorology of Japan, including observations and comments on its history, culture, customs, and languages. Also includes material relating to Korea and Taiwan.

    • Contributor: Siebold, Philipp Franz Von
    • Original Format: Manuscripts/Mixed Material
  • Henry Morgenthau papers, 1795-1941

    Businessman and diplomat. Diaries, correspondence, letterbooks, family papers, speeches and writings, subject files, printed matter, memorabilia, and other papers relating chiefly to Morgenthau's service as ambassador to Turkey, other diplomatic efforts, involvement in Democratic Party politics, and as a philanthropist.

    • Contributor: Morgenthau, Henry
    • Original Format: Manuscripts/Mixed Material
  • Aero Club of America scrapbooks, 1891-1912

    Aeronautical organization. Scrapbooks of newspaper clippings relating to the advent of manned flight.

    • Contributor: Aero Club of America
    • Original Format: Manuscripts/Mixed Material
  • Reuben Cleary book manuscripts, 1886

    Confederate expatriate and physician. Manuscripts entitled, Brazil Under the Monarchy: A Record of Facts and Observations, from Notes Taken in Brazil during a Period of More Than Twenty Years, and another version of the same entitled, Chronicas Lageanas. Includes observations on history, manners, customs, and society made by Cleary while practicing medicine in Brazil between 1865 and 1885 as a Confederate expatriate from Virginia.

    • Contributor: Cleary, Reuben
    • Original Format: Manuscripts/Mixed Material
    • Date: 1886
  • Rodolfo R. Schuller papers, 1492-1915

    Americanist and linguist. Chiefly files comprised of copies of documents from various repositories, original manuscripts, and notes based on Schuller's linguistic research in Mexico and Central and South America, including archaeological and ethnographic material, clippings, maps, and photographs.

    • Contributor: Schuller, Rodolfo R.
    • Original Format: Manuscripts/Mixed Material
  • Roy Harris papers, 1893-1998

    Roy Harris was an American composer. The collection contains materials that document his life and career, including manuscript scores, published and unpublished writings, correspondence, business papers, financial and legal documents, programs, publicity files, photographs, scrapbooks, work files, posters, clippings, and biographical materials.

    • Contributor: Harris, Roy
    • Original Format: Manuscripts/Mixed Material
  • Bernece Berkman-Hunter papers, 1910-1991

    Painter and graphic artist. Correspondence, notebooks, financial papers, legal papers, exhibit files, printed ephemera, card files, photographs, and other papers relating primarily to Berkman-Hunter's career as an artist.

    • Contributor: Berkman Hunter, Bernece
    • Original Format: Manuscripts/Mixed Material
  • John Marshall Harlan papers, 1810-1971

    Associate justice of the United States Supreme Court and lawyer and politician of Kentucky. Correspondence, legal and financial records, and other material relating to Harlan's career in law, politics, and the judiciary.

    • Contributor: Harlan, John Marshall
    • Original Format: Manuscripts/Mixed Material
  • John Von Neumann papers, 1912-1996

    Mathematician, atomic energy commissioner, and educator. Correspondence, memoranda, journals, speeches, article and book drafts, notes, charts, graphs, patent, biographical material, family papers, and other material pertaining primarily to John Von Neumann's career as professor of mathematics at the Institute for Advanced Study; adviser and commissioner on the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission; scientific consultant to government and private concerns; and author of works on ballistic ...

    • Contributor: Von Neumann, John
    • Original Format: Manuscripts/Mixed Material
  • Smith Simpson papers, 1833-1991

    Diplomat. Correspondence, family papers, topical files, photographs, scrapbooks, printed matter, and miscellaneous material relating to Simpson's career as a diplomat and industrial relations specialist.

    • Contributor: Simpson, Smith
    • Original Format: Manuscripts/Mixed Material
  • Jubal Anderson Early papers, 1829-1930

    United States and Confederate Army officer, lawyer, and state legislator of Virginia. Correspondence, diaries, military papers, speeches and articles, clippings, a scrapbook, printed matter, and maps dated largely after the Civil War.

    • Contributor: Early, Jubal Anderson
    • Original Format: Manuscripts/Mixed Material