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  • Frank Stanton papers, 1908-2006

    Broadcast executive. Correspondence, memoranda, subject files, speeches and writings, minutes of meetings, drafts, testimony, typescripts, reports and studies, interviews, transcripts, awards and citations, press clippings and releases, printed matter, and miscellaneous items relating primarily to Stanton's career as president and vice chairman of the board of directors of the Columbia Broadcasting System, Inc.

    • Contributor: Stanton, Frank
    • Original Format: Manuscripts/Mixed Material - Collection
    • Date: 1908
  • United States. War Department records, Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available

    Correspondence, letterbooks, ledgers, account books, legal records, lists, and other material relating primarily to the U.S. Arsenal in Philadelphia, Pa., later known as the Frankford Arsenal, and to superintendents of military stores William Irvine and his son Callender. Topics include the growth and supply needs of the U.S. military in the early national period; preparations for the defense of New Orleans, La., prior to ...

    • Contributor: United States. War Department
    • Original Format: Manuscripts/Mixed Material - Collection
  • Henry T. Mayo papers, Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available

    Correspondence, memoranda, speeches, memoirs, genealogical material, reports, orders, certificates, scrapbooks, photographs, and other papers pertaining primarily to Mayo's naval career. Includes accounts of his daily routine during tours of duty at sea and narratives of significant events in his career including the exploration and hydrographic survey of Puget Sound in the late 1800s, his participation in the relief expedition (1883) aboard the gunboat Yantic ...

    • Contributor: Mayo, Henry T. (Henry Thomas)
    • Original Format: Manuscripts/Mixed Material - Collection
  • James R. Schlesinger papers, Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available

    Correspondence, memoranda, writings, notebooks, subject files, appointment books, telephone logs, printed matter, photographs, and other papers chiefly concerning Schlesinger's service as U.S. secretary of defense and U.S. secretary of energy. Also documents his years as chairman of the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission; assistant director of the U.S. Bureau of the Budget, later U.S. Office of Management and Budget; and as director of strategic studies ...

    • Contributor: Schlesinger, James R.
    • Original Format: Manuscripts/Mixed Material - Collection
  • Richard Sharpe Patterson papers, Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available

    Correspondence, writings, notes, research material, printed matter, wax impressions of seals, photographs, and other papers relating primarily to Patterson's research and writing on the Great Seal of the United States. Includes material pertaining to The Eagle and the Shield : A History of the Great Seal of the United States (1976) written by Patterson and Richardson Dougall. Also includes material concerning U.S. treaties, U.S. ...

    • Contributor: Patterson, Richard Sharpe
    • Original Format: Manuscripts/Mixed Material - Collection
  • Joseph Benson Foraker papers, Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available

    Five volumes of correspondence pertaining chiefly to national politics and to the Republican Party. Correspondents include Marcus Alonzo Hanna, Theodore Roosevelt, John Sherman, and William H. Taft.

    • Contributor: Foraker, Joseph Benson
    • Original Format: Manuscripts/Mixed Material - Collection
  • Calvin Benjamin papers, Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available

    Chiefly correspondence, along with transcribed excerpts and notes, relating to Benjamin's service under Gen. Zachary Taylor during the Mexican War. Also documents Benjamin's assignment with the United States Coast Survey on the Chesapeake Bay. Includes letters (1849-1851) written by his brother, Judson Benjamin, while serving as a Baptist missionary in Burma.

    • Contributor: Benjamin, Calvin
    • Original Format: Manuscripts/Mixed Material - Collection
  • Herbert Benjamin papers, 1915-2004

    Communist Party official. Correspondence, memoranda, memoirs and additional writings, notes, printed matter, and other papers primarily relating to Benjamin's life and his work in the Communist Party, particularly his activities as a leader in the organized unemployed movement during the 1930s.

    • Contributor: Benjamin, Herbert
    • Original Format: Manuscripts/Mixed Material - Collection
    • Date: 1915
  • Read family papers, 1568-1906

    Read (Reed) family of New Castle, Delaware, later of Pennsylvania. Correspondence, deeds and indentures, genealogical records, commissions, printed matter, and other material. Papers of George Read relate chiefly to his activities during the American Revolution and his law practice in New Castle. Papers of John Read include a notebook of correspondence and memoranda which he kept as secretary of the Asylum Company, a land ...

    • Original Format: Manuscripts/Mixed Material - Collection
    • Date: 1568
  • John Hay papers, 1783-1999

    Statesman, diplomat, historian, journalist, and poet. Correspondence and letterbooks, speeches, diaries, notebooks, scrapbooks, and memoranda, mainly for the years 1897-1905 when Hay served as United States ambassador to Great Britain and United States secretary of state. Earlier papers deal with his legal, literary, and journalistic activities and with his service as assistant secretary to Abraham Lincoln. Includes correspondence of his wife, Clara Louise Stone ...

    • Contributor: Hay, John
    • Original Format: Manuscripts/Mixed Material - Collection
    • Date: 1783
  • Nathanael Greene papers, Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available

    Correspondence, letterbook, reports, orders and resolutions, proclamations, petitions, certificates, and other papers primarily documenting Greene's military career with emphasis on his command of the Southern Department of the U.S. Continental Army and the army's southern campaign. Includes material pertaining to negotiations with the Cherokee and Chickasaw tribes. Correspondents include Thomas Burke; John Butler; Arthur Campbell; Richard Caswell; Charles Cornwallis, Marquis Cornwallis; John Gunby; John ...

    • Contributor: Greene, Nathanael
    • Original Format: Manuscripts/Mixed Material - Collection
  • Andrew Jackson papers, 1775-1874

    United States president, senator, representative, and army officer from Tennessee. Correspondence, military papers, and other papers reflecting most phases of Jackson's career.

    • Contributor: Jackson, Andrew
    • Original Format: Manuscripts/Mixed Material - Collection
    • Date: 1775
  • Richard Dudman papers, Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available

    Correspondence, notebooks, writings, articles, background material, photographs, and other papers relating primarily to Dudman's career as a journalist with the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. Subjects include his coverage of the Vietnam War, 1961-1975, and reporting on China, Cuba, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia during a period of Cold War and revolutions. Others subjects relate to domestic politics in the 1960s and 1970s including Watergate, ...

    • Contributor: Dudman, Richard
    • Original Format: Manuscripts/Mixed Material - Collection
  • Palmer-Loper family papers, 1667-1994

    Seafaring and merchant families. Correspondence, logbooks and journals, ships' papers, financial and business records, and printed matter documenting the voyages and business activities of Nathaniel Brown Palmer, Alexander Smith Palmer, Richard Fanning Loper, and other members of these maritime families of Stonington, Connecticut.

    • Original Format: Manuscripts/Mixed Material - Collection
    • Date: 1667
  • Justin G. Turner autograph collection, 1763-1968

    Correspondence, memoranda, notes, and printed materials relating primarily to the signers of the Declaration of Independence.

    • Contributor: Turner, Justin G.
    • Original Format: Manuscripts/Mixed Material - Collection
    • Date: 1763
  • Theodore Francis Green papers, 1924-1960

    United States senator and governor of Rhode Island and lawyer. Correspondence, memoranda, speeches, reports, subject and chronological files, clippings, photographs, printed matter, and other papers relating principally to Green's senatorial career.

    • Contributor: Green, Theodore Francis
    • Original Format: Manuscripts/Mixed Material - Collection
    • Date: 1924
  • William Jennings Bryan papers, 1877-1940

    Author, lawyer, orator, United States representative from Nebraska, and secretary of state. Correspondence, military papers and other material relating mainly to the presidential campaign of 1896, the Spanish-American War, Bryan's efforts to preserve world peace during World War I, his career as a lecturer for the Chautauqua Institution and its affiliates, and his interest in prohibition, political and monetary reform, and religious issues.

    • Contributor: Bryan, William Jennings
    • Original Format: Manuscripts/Mixed Material - Collection
    • Date: 1877
  • Mira Lloyd Dock papers, Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available

    Correspondence, printed matter, clippings, photographs, maps, and other papers pertaining primarily to Dock's involvement in conservation, forestry, forestry education, and horticulture in Pennsylvania and elsewhere in the U.S. as well as in England and Germany. Documents her work with the General Federation of Women's Clubs, Pennsylvania State Forestry Reservation Commission, and State Federation of Pennsylvania Women. Subjects include Arbor Day; John G. Bartram; forest ...

    • Contributor: Dock, Mira Lloyd
    • Original Format: Manuscripts/Mixed Material - Collection
  • Theodore Gordon Ellyson papers, 1912-1951

    United States naval officer and pioneer aviator. Biographical information and correspondence chiefly between Ellyson and his wife, Helen Mildred Lewis Glenn Ellyson, describing his naval sea duty and naval aviation.

    • Contributor: Ellyson, Theodore Gordon
    • Original Format: Manuscripts/Mixed Material - Collection
    • Date: 1912
  • Alexander Hamilton Stephens Papers: General Correspondence, 1784-1886; 1852, Oct. 15-1855, Dec. 27

    • Contributor: Stephens, Alexander Hamilton
    • Original Format: Manuscripts/Mixed Material
    • Date: 1852-10-15

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  • Branch Rickey papers, 1890-1969

    Correspondence, family papers, speeches and writings, memoranda, scouting and other reports, notes, subject files, scrapbooks, and other papers, chiefly from 1936 to 1965, documenting Branch Rickey's career as a major league baseball manager and executive.

    • Contributor: Rickey, Branch
    • Original Format: Manuscripts/Mixed Material - Collection
    • Date: 1890
  • Hayes, Hollister, and Kelman families papers, Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available

    Correspondence, diaries, lectures, sermons, memoirs, genealogical material, and printed matter pertaining chiefly to members of the Hayes family and their careers as Presbyterian missionaries and educators in China. Includes papers of Margaret Hayes Hollister; her parents, Barbara Monteath Kelman Hayes and John David Hayes; her paternal grandparents, Margaret Young Hayes and W.M. Hayes; her maternal grandfather, John Kelman; and her paternal great-grandfather, David Hayes. ...

    • Original Format: Manuscripts/Mixed Material - Collection
  • Confederate States of America records: Microfilm Reel 34

    • Contributor: Confederate States of America
    • Original Format: Manuscripts/Mixed Material
    • Date: 1854-00-00

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  • William Henry Whiting family papers, 1731-1952

    Naval officer. Genealogical data, eighteenth-century documents including letters, bills of sale, and a petition, and other material primarily concerning the Whiting family in Great Britain and the United States and the family's relationship to George Washington.

    • Contributor: Whiting, William Henry
    • Original Format: Manuscripts/Mixed Material - Collection
    • Date: 1731
  • Rosamond Pinchot papers, Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available

    Correspondence, diary, address book, printed matter, scrapbooks, and photographs relating to the life and acting career of Rosamond Pinchot. Diary includes notes on Eleanor Roosevelt during the 1934 presidential inauguration and on Elisabeth Marbury's funeral. Scrapbook includes reviews of the play The Miracle (Pantomime) and correspondence of George Cukor, Lillian Gish, Sinclair Lewis, Ferenc Molnár (Franz Molnar), and Eleanor Roosevelt. Other individuals represented include ...

    • Contributor: Pinchot, Rosamond
    • Original Format: Manuscripts/Mixed Material - Collection