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  • Warren G. Harding-Carrie Fulton Phillips Correspondence: Correspondence and drafts of correspondence; 1917; July-Aug.

    • Contributor: Harding, Warren G. (Warren Gamaliel) - Phillips, Carrie Fulton
    • Original Format: Manuscripts/Mixed Material
    • Date: 1917

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  • Reviews---Eichmann in Jerusalem by Arendt---United States---Miscellaneous---Favorable---1963 (1 of 3 folders)

    • Contributor: Arendt, Hannah
    • Original Format: Manuscripts/Mixed Material
    • Date: 1963-00-00
  • Sol M. Linowitz papers, 1778-1999

    Lawyer, businessman, diplomat, and consultant to United States presidents. Diaries, correspondence, speeches and writings, interviews, an oral history, organizational records, reports, photographs, printed matter, clippings, and travel files documenting Linowitz's career as an attorney, executive for Xerox Corporation, ambassador to the Organization of American States, co-negotiator of the Panama Canal treaties, and presidential representative to Middle East peace negotiations.

    • Contributor: Linowitz, Sol M.
    • Original Format: Manuscripts/Mixed Material - Collection
    • Date: 1778
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    Sir Thomas Phillipps collection, Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available

    Manuscript materials formerly a part of Sir Thomas Phillipps's collection relating chiefly to various aspects of the colonial history of British North America and the West Indies. Documents the administration of the colonies by the British government. Of particular note are papers relating to the British Board of Trade and Sir William Blathwayt; letterbooks of George Macartney while governor of the Caribbean Islands; English ...

    • Contributor: Phillipps, Thomas
    • Original Format: Manuscripts/Mixed Material - Collection
  • Tom Connally papers, 1896-1952

    United States senator and representative from Texas. Correspondence, speeches, writings, voting records, press releases, clippings, photographs, printed matter, photographs and other papers relating primarily to his career in the Senate, his chairmanship of the Senate Foreign Relations committee, and his involvement in the United Nations, North Atlantic Treaty Organization, and issues concerning the oil industry, Texas, and Mexico.

    • Contributor: Connally, Tom
    • Original Format: Manuscripts/Mixed Material - Collection
    • Date: 1896
  • Squeeze This! A Cultural History of the Accordion in America

    Polka, zydeco, and "Lady of Spain": If this is your idea of the only genres wherein the accordion flourishes, prepare to be enlightened by the history of this robust instrument's odyssey across the American musical landscape and its dramatic rise, fall, and rise again in 20th century popular culture.

    • Contributor: Jacobson, Marion - Jacobson, Marion S.
    • Original Format: Film, Video - Manuscripts/Mixed Material - Collection
    • Date: 2012-07-12
  • Benjamin Helm Bristow papers, 1839-1932

    Army officer, lawyer, United States secretary of the treasury, and solicitor general. Correspondence, speeches, biographical material, newspaper clippings, pamphlets, other printed material, and photographs relating primarily to Bristow's service as solicitor general and secretary of the treasury in the administrations of Ulysses S. Grant and to his New York City law firm. Includes a letterpress book of incoming and outgoing correspondence of the commissioner ...

    • Contributor: Bristow, Benjamin Helm
    • Original Format: Manuscripts/Mixed Material - Collection
    • Date: 1839
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    Cultural democracy in a time of diminished resources, Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available

    Video recording and photographs of a lecture delivered by Bau Graves in the Mary Pickford Theater, Library of Congress, on July 22, 2010, as part of the Benjamin Botkin Folklife Lecture series sponsored by the American Folklife Center.

    • Contributor: Graves, James Bau
    • Original Format: Manuscripts/Mixed Material - Collection
    • Date: 2010
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    William E. Chandler papers, Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available

    Principally bound volumes of correspondence documenting Chandler's work as assistant secretary of the treasury (1865-1867), secretary of the navy (1882-1885), U.S. senator from New Hampshire (1887-1901), and chairman of the Spanish Treaty Claims Commission (1901-1908). Includes material reflecting Chandler's prominence in the Republican Party and his role in the presidential campaigns of 1868, 1872, and 1880 and in the disputed election of 1876 between ...

    • Contributor: Chandler, William E.
    • Original Format: Manuscripts/Mixed Material - Collection
  • Reinhold Niebuhr papers, 1907-1997

    Theologian, philosopher, and author. Correspondence, speeches, sermons, lectures, articles, book reviews, typescripts of books and articles, family papers, subject files, biographical material, bibliographies, photographs, and memorabilia reflecting Niebuhr's influence on twentieth-century theology, politics, and society and his efforts to apply religious and ethical standards to modern social and political problems including labor and race relations.

    • Contributor: Niebuhr, Reinhold
    • Original Format: Manuscripts/Mixed Material - Collection
    • Date: 1907
  • Frederick Lewis Allen papers, 1890-1954

    Editor and author. Correspondence, articles, biographies, date books, diaries, radio scripts, histories, and speeches documenting Allen's career as editor of Harper's Magazine, director of the Foreign Policy Association, author of many popular works on American social history, and an overseer of Harvard University.

    • Contributor: Allen, Frederick Lewis
    • Original Format: Manuscripts/Mixed Material - Collection
    • Date: 1890
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    Nazimova collection, Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available

    Correspondence, programs, press clippings, and scrapbooks documenting the American stage and film career of the Russian-born actress Nazimova, particularly during the silent film era. Includes letters (1903-1943) from Nazimova to her sister, Nina Lewton; many early letters are in Russian but most have English translations. Other letters (1927-1940) are written to her friend, Leona Scott. Also includes a memoir by her niece, Lucy Olga ...

    • Contributor: Nazimova
    • Original Format: Manuscripts/Mixed Material - Collection
  • Margaret Webster papers, 1837-1974

    Actress, theatrical producer, author, and lecturer. Correspondence, family papers, prompt copies of plays and operas, musical scores, set and staging diagrams, articles, lectures, research material, scrapbooks of clippings, printed material, photographs, and othner papers consisting primarily of material used by Webster in compiling two family biographies and reflecting her theatrical career.

    • Contributor: Webster, Margaret
    • Original Format: Manuscripts/Mixed Material - Collection
    • Date: 1837
  • Hanson Weightman Baldwin papers, 1920-1978

    Author and editor. Correspondence, memoranda, minutes, reports, notes, typescripts, press releases, printed matter, and other papers pertaining primarily to Baldwin's naval career and his early years as a general assignment newspaper reporter.

    • Contributor: Baldwin, Hanson Weightman
    • Original Format: Manuscripts/Mixed Material - Collection
    • Date: 1920
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    United States finance collection, Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available

    Correspondence; claims against the federal government and the Bank of the United States; U.S. lottery drawings, 1779; items relating to New York (State) Supreme Court cases; proposed laws for Wyoming Territory, 1870; state marshal reports of "alien enemies who have reported themselves," 1812-1814; state power of attorney authorizations; U.S. consulate reports; French and Spanish indemnity payments; bond payments; indentures; statements of accounts; invoices; and ...

    • Original Format: Manuscripts/Mixed Material - Collection
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    John Robert Procter papers, Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available

    Chiefly correspondence relating to Procter's service as chairman of the United States Civil Service Commission and to civil service reform. Includes writings, financial records, and family papers. Correspondence with Theodore Roosevelt prior to and during Roosevelt's presidency reflects their friendship as well as documenting official matters. Other correspondents include Grover Cleveland, Richard Watson Gilder, and Walter Hines Page.

    • Contributor: Procter, John Robert
    • Original Format: Manuscripts/Mixed Material - Collection
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    Charles B. Elliott papers, Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available

    Diaries, letterbook, newspaper clippings, and English translations of Philippine newspaper articles written in Spanish and Filipino. Documents Elliott's service as associate justice of the Philippine Supreme Court, 1910-1911, and as secretary of commerce and police of the second Philippine Commission (1900-1916). Subjects include social, political, and governmental affairs in the Philippines; and Elliott's travels in the Philippines and China.

    • Contributor: Elliott, Charles
    • Original Format: Manuscripts/Mixed Material - Collection
  • Charles Wellington Reed Papers: Correspondence; 1862, May-Dec.

    • Contributor: Reed, Charles Wellington
    • Original Format: Manuscripts/Mixed Material
    • Date: 1862

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  • Burton Norvell Harrison family papers, 1812-1926

    Lawyer and private secretary to Jefferson Davis. Correspondence, diaries, reports, memoranda, manuscripts of articles, speeches, and books, and other papers of Harrison; of J. B. Harrison, lawyer and newspaper editor; Samuel Jordan Harrison, merchant; Mrs. Burton Harrison (formerly Constance Cary), author; Fairfax Harrison, lawyer and president of the Southern Railway; and of Francis Burton Harrison, lawyer, United States representative from New York, and governor ...

    • Contributor: Harrison, Burton Norvell
    • Original Format: Manuscripts/Mixed Material - Collection
    • Date: 1812
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    James Martin Barnes papers, Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available

    Correspondence, memoranda, scrapbooks, photographs, and other papers relating chiefly to Barnes's service (1943-1945) as administrative assistant to President Franklin D. Roosevelt. Subjects include appointments, patronage, requests of servicemen, domestic political matters during World War II, and the interaction between the White House, Congress, the Democratic National Committee, and various executive departments, offices, and agencies. Scrapbooks and photographs concern his earlier career and his service ...

    • Contributor: Barnes, James Martin
    • Original Format: Manuscripts/Mixed Material - Collection
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    Roy Harris papers, Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available

    The collection contains materials that document Roy Harris' life and career. The music materials contain holograph or copyist manuscript scores and sketches for Harris' compositions as well as holograph manuscript scores, sketches, arrangements, and printed scores by other composers. There are also notes, clippings, and other materials related to specific Harris pieces. The published and unpublished writings include his articles, lectures, scripts, interviews, and ...

    • Contributor: Harris, Roy
    • Original Format: Manuscripts/Mixed Material - Collection
    • Date: 1893
  • National Urban League records, 1900-1988

    Civil rights organization. Correspondence, minutes of meetings, speeches, reports, surveys, statistical data, financial and legal records, scrapbooks, printed material, and other records relating to the programs and policies of the league and its affiliates.

    • Contributor: National Urban League
    • Original Format: Manuscripts/Mixed Material - Collection
    • Date: 1900
  • Benjamin B. French family papers, 1778-1940

    New Hampshire politician, clerk of the United States House of Representatives, and Commissioner of Public Buildings in Washington, D.C. Journals, personal correspondence, writings, and miscellaneous papers chiefly relating to family matters and including commentary on political events and social life in Washington in the nineteenth century. Other prominent family members represented in the papers include Francis O. French, banker, and Amos Tuck, congressman.

    • Contributor: French, Benjamin (Benjamin Brown) - French, Benjamin
    • Original Format: Manuscripts/Mixed Material - Collection
    • Date: 1778
  • Sylvanus Cadwallader papers, 1818-1904

    Journalist and public official. Correspondence, writings, and newspaper articles, and other papers relating primarily to Cadwallader's activities as a journalist reporting on the operations of the Union Army and Ulysses S. Grant during the Civil War.

    • Contributor: Cadwallader, Sylvanus,826 - Cadwallader, Sylvanus
    • Original Format: Manuscripts/Mixed Material - Collection
    • Date: 1818
  • Blackwell family papers, 1759-1960

    Family members include author and suffragist Alice Stone Blackwell (1857-1950); her parents, Henry Browne Blackwell (1825-1909) and Lucy Stone (1818-1893), abolitionists and advocates of women's rights; her aunt, Elizabeth Blackwell (1821-1910), the first woman to receive an academic medical degree; and Elizabeth Blackwell's adopted daughter, Kitty Barry Blackwell (1848-1936). Includes correspondence, diaries, articles, and speeches of these and other Blackwell family members.

    • Original Format: Manuscripts/Mixed Material - Collection
    • Date: 1759