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  • Catalog Record

    Historijska karta srednjevjekovne bosanske države / Catalog Record Only

    Shows historical events and national territory from the 9th century into the 19th. Col. xerographic copy. Includes historical notes and coats-of-arms in map area.

    • Contributor: Vego, Marko - Geokarta (Firm)
    • Original Format: Maps
    • Date: 0800
  • Catalog Record

    The Babylonian world map on a cuneiform tablet. Catalog Record Only

    From "Imago Mvndi", London, Henry Stevens Son & Stiles, 1937, II, GAI.16 Photostat. Flynn - 5.

    • Contributor: Henry Stevens Sons & Stiles
    • Original Format: Maps
    • Date: 0500
  • Catalog Record

    [World maps from approximately 150 a.d. to 1970]. Catalog Record Only

    This record covers single world maps which are not represented in the LC database by separate catalog records. This collection includes single printed maps and photocopies of printed or manuscript single maps as well as some multi-sheet single maps, plates from atlases, books or periodicals, and printed facsimiles. These maps cover the world as a whole as well as coasts of the world. These ...

    • Original Format: Maps - Collection
    • Date: 0150