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  • Map illustrating the extermination of the American bison /

    Shows areas of die-off and of systematic extermination, range of herds up to 1889, and years of extermination in specific locations. Relief shown by shading. Available also through the Library of Congress Web site as a raster image. Vol. published in 1889, 1887 is the year of the Annual Report.

    • Contributor: Hornaday, William T.
    • Original Format: Maps
    • Date: 1889
  • Mappa dell' America Settentrionale : ove sono rappresentati esattam. i paesi e loro limiti controversi che hanno dato motivo alla guerra presente fra la Francia e l'Inghilterra.

    Shows eastern United States and southeastern Canada. Relief shown pictorially. Attributed to: Jacques Nicolas Bellin. Described in: New England in early printed maps, 1513 to 1800 / Barbara B. McCorkle. 2001. p. 147. Available also through the Library of Congress Web site as a raster image. Gift; Summit Enterprises; May 2003. Includes notes. Fold-lined. Annotation in blue ink in upper right corner. Acquisitions control ...

    • Contributor: Bellin, Jacques Nicolas
    • Original Format: Maps
    • Date: 1758
  • Catalog Record

    Railroad maps, 1828-1900 Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available

    Railroad maps represent an important historical record, illustrating the growth of travel and settlement as well as the development of industry and agriculture in the United States. They depict the development of cartographic style and technique, highlighting the achievement of early railroaders. Included in the collection are progress report surveys for individual lines, official government surveys, promotional maps, maps showing land grants and rights-of-way, ...

    • Original Format: Maps
    • Date: 1998
  • Catalog Record

    The Rochambeau map collection Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available

    The Rochambeau Map Collection contains cartographic items used by Jean Baptiste Donatien de Vimeur, comte de Rochambeau (1725-1807), when he was commander in chief of the French expeditionary army (1780-82) during the American Revolution. The maps were from Rochambeau's personal collection, cover much of eastern North America, and date from 1717 to 1795. The maps show Revolutionary-era military actions, some of which were published ...

    • Original Format: Maps
    • Date: 200?
  • Catalog Record

    The American Revolution and its era maps and charts of North America and the West Indies, 1750-1789 / Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available

    American Revolution and Its Era, Maps and Charts of North America and the West Indies, 1750-1789 represents an important historical record of the mapping of North America and the Caribbean. Most of the items presented here are documented in Maps and Charts of North America and the West Indies, 1750-1789 : A Guide to the Collections in the Library of Congress, compiled by John ...

    • Original Format: Maps
    • Date: 2000