• Noua orbis terrarum delineatio singulari ratione accommodata meridiano tabb. Rudolphi astronomicarum /

    Relief shown pictorially. Appears in Johannes Kepler's Tabvlae Rudolphinae. Ulm : Johannes Saur, 1627-30. Prime meridian based on the astronomer Tycho Brahe's observatory in Denmark. Map drawn in three parts (left to right): 1 half-hemisphere (15 cm. radius), 1 hemisphere (29 cm. in diameter), and 1 half-hemisphere (15 cm. radius). Shirley, Rodney W. Mapping of the world. 1983, p. 358-9 Bricker, Charles. Landmarks of ...

    • Contributor: Eckebrecht, Philipp
    • Original Format: Maps
    • Date: 1630