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    Moscouia Sigmunds Freyherms zu Herberstain, Neyperg vnd Guetenhag u. verteutscht : anno 1557. Catalog Record Only

    Relief shown pictorially. Also covers regions of Eastern Europe bordering on Muscovy. LC copy possibly removed from Herberstein's book: Moscouia der Hauptstat in Reissen, durch Herrn Sigmunden Freyherrn zu Herberstain, Neyperg vnd Guetenhag zusamen getragen. 1557. LC copy imperfect: Torn at sheet edges, mounted in cloth backing. Includes ill. in borders, coats-of-arms, and pictorial representations of forests, mountains, rivers, and towns.

    • Contributor: Herberstein, Sigmund
    • Original Format: Maps
    • Date: 1557