• Mapa topográfico de la provincia de Texas.

    Pen-and-ink and watercolor. Available also through the Library of Congress web site as a raster image. See Carlos E. Castañeda and Eary Martin, Jr., Three manuscript maps of Texas by Stephan F. Austin, p. 16-45, Austin, Tx., privately printed, 1930. GA452.C3 G&M RR - folio. DLC 1 map : col. ; 26 x 35 cm.

    • Contributor: Austin, Stephen F.
    • Original Format: Maps
    • Date: 1822
  • Costa desde la Mobila asta la Bahía de Sn. Josef.

    Also shows fort and settlements. Depths shown by soundings. Watermark: J. Whatman. Pen-and-ink. Mounted on cloth backing. LC Luso-Hispanic World, 824 Available also through the Library of Congress Web site as a raster image. Printed label describing the map mounted on verso. Annotated in brown ink in lower left corner: 40. Maggs number annotated in pencil in lower right corner: 53. Order number annotated ...

    • Original Format: Maps
    • Date: 1800
  • Bahia de Tampa

    North oriented toward upper right corner. Map annotated in ink DLC Gift; 1929; Admiral W.L. Rodges. DLC Available also through the Library of Congress web site as a raster image. 1 map ; 32 x 44 cm.

    • Contributor: Spain. Dericción De Hidrografía
    • Original Format: Maps
    • Date: 1809
  • [Map of Las Ormigas Grant, Sabine and DeSoto Parishes, Louisiana].

    Relief shown pictorially. Shows the present-day Sabine and DeSoto Parishes in eastern region of the Sabine River, Louisiana. Names of places and features in Spanish. Pen-and-ink and watercolor. Title derived from The Luso-Hispanic world in maps, 1999. Mounted on cloth backing. This Spanish map of the site of Las Ormigas land grand later known as the Arroyo Hondo grand includes streams, vegetation ... At ...

    • Original Format: Maps
    • Date: 1800
  • Provincias internas del reyno de Nuevo España /

    Shows Tamaulipas, Nuevo León, eastern Coahuila, and southern Texas in 179-? Relief shown by hachures and form lines. Copied by author in 1846. Pen-and-ink, blue and red inks, and pencil on tracing paper. Available also through the Library of Congress Web site as a raster image. 1 map : ms., col. ; 78 x 60 cm.

    • Contributor: Bruff, Joseph Goldsborough
    • Original Format: Maps
    • Date: 1846
  • [Map of New Orleans and vicinity] /

    Shows property lines and landowners between the city limits and Bayou Saint John. Spanish and French. Pen-and-ink. Mounted on cloth backing. "This map is an 1873 copy of the original 1804 map copied by Pintado (in Havana in 1819) and verified by Pilié, the New Orlweans Surveyor in 1838. Map reflects information compiled by Pintado in 1795-96 and set down by Trudeau in official ...

    • Contributor: Pintado, Vicente Sebastián
    • Original Format: Maps
    • Date: 1819
  • Mapa de los Estados Unidos de Méjico : segun lo organizado y definido por las varias actas del congreso de dicha républica y construido por las mejores autoridades.

    Covers the United States southwest of Georgia and Iowa, and south of Oregon Territory. Notes within map describe historical events, including those of the Mexican War. Relief shown by hachures. Notes in Spanish and English. Prime meridian: Washington, D.C. Insets: Carta de los caminos &c. desde Vera Cruz y Alvarado a Méjico. [Scale 1:1,267,200] -- Map showing the battlegrounds of the 8th and the ...

    • Contributor: Disturnell, John
    • Original Format: Maps
    • Date: 1847