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  • [Survey of lands in Blue Ridge between Manassass Gap, Ashby's and Sincker's Gap in Clarke and Warren counties : Rawleigh Colston's land].

    Shows the names of some residents. Title devised by cataloger. Each sheet pasted together in 4 sections, sectioned in 2, and mounted on cloth. DLC LC Land ownership maps, 1240 Available also ...

    • Contributor: Love, George
    • Original Format: Maps
    • Date: 1834
  • Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania.

    Designed as general-content county pocket map folding into cover. Shows houses and householders' names in rural areas. Relief shown by hachures. "Longitude east from Washington." Oriented with north toward the upper right. ...

    • Contributor: Tanner, Henry Schenck
    • Original Format: Maps
    • Date: 1830
  • A map of the County of Crawford, Pennsylvania.

    Shows townships, warranty-deed tracts (numbered), real-property tracts with owners' names, towns/villages, roads, canals, streams, and lakes. Hand col. to distinguish townships. In lower margin: Copyright secured according to Law. LC copy imperfect: ...

    • Contributor: Spafford, Oliver
    • Original Format: Maps
    • Date: 1839
  • A plan of West Springfield : [Massachusetts] /

    General map showing householders' names. Relief shown by shading. Includes note. Copy imperfect: Darkened, stained, brittle, small tears along edges. DLC Copy annotated in pencil with additional name of householder. DLC Available ...

    • Contributor: Lathrop, J.
    • Original Format: Maps
    • Date: 1831
  • Map of the village of Highgate, Franklin County, state of Vermont /

    Cadastral map showing lots, lot numbers, selected landowners, and selected buildings. Oriented with north toward the upper right. Includes text. Copy imperfect: Brittle, torn, stained. DLC Available also through the Library of ...

    • Contributor: Martin, Alexr
    • Original Format: Maps
    • Date: 1836
  • Map of Somerset County /

    General-content county map showing buildings in rural areas, householders' names in rural areas, and selected property boundaries with owners' names in 2 townships. Relief shown by hachures. Hand col. to emphasize township ...

    • Contributor: Wells, John
    • Original Format: Maps
    • Date: 1830
  • Map of Warren County, Pennsylvania /

    County map showing townships, warranty-deed survey tracts, tract numbers, real-property tracts, landowners' names, and tract acreages. Hand col. (watercolors) to emphasize township boundaries. LC copy imperfect: Use-worn, fold-lined, halved to enable folding, ...

    • Contributor: Ludlow, Andrew H.
    • Original Format: Maps
    • Date: 1838
  • A map of Worcester, shire town of the County of Worcester /

    Relief shown by hachures. Shows landowners in Worcester County. Available also through the Library of Congress Web site as a raster image. Includes inset "A map of the village of Worcester" and ...

    • Contributor: Stebbins, Heman
    • Original Format: Maps
    • Date: 1833